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Mr. David Sellu is an author, equality advocate, and surgeon, who was accused and wrongfully imprisoned for a patient’s death. After three years, he successfully appealed his conviction.

Did He Save Lives? A Surgeon's Story

David Sellu was a surgeon with a distinguished record extending over forty years.

In 2010, a patient died under his care in a private hospital. There followed a sequence of extraordinary events that led to David being prosecuted and convicted for the patient's death and sent to prison. His licence to practise medicine was suspended, his career cut short. Events that took place later showed that this was an unfair trial with tinges of racism, and he won an appeal against his conviction and is now a free man. But the damage had already been done.

This book tells his extraordinary story for the first time, in his own words.

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David has been busy giving talks at, and participating actively in conferences on Medicine, the Law, Race Equality and Patient Safety.  

He has had standing ovations following many of his presentations.

Please click HERE to view his speaking engagements.

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