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Nicola Bhatt

This is great news. David should never have been in this position in the first place.

Dr Errol Cornish

I am so pleased for Mr David Sellu and his family that justice has at long last been achieved!


This is great news indeed. It’s good to see that the justice system still has some life left in it.

Yet it’s an absolute travesty of justice that Dr Sellu had to spend so much time incarcerated. Nothing the CPS or the courts do will be able to take that back.

I still feel a lot of anger towards the case and contempt in the way our justice process works.

I only hope that Dr Sellu and his family may now be able to move on from this knowing that he always walked this journey as the victim and never the perpetrator. And the huge support he received throughout is a testament to this.

Best wishes

Roy and Chris Workman

Delighted that this wonderful surgeon’s name has been cleared at long last. This was a travesty of justice and a dedicated doctor was hounded. His is a very sad loss to the medical profession, where few doctors are as conscientious and compassionate as he is. We have known David both as a colleague and as a surgeon who operated on Roy.

Stella Shailer

Nurse Manager

Finally, a vague ghost of righting a gross injustice. David and his family have endured hell in an example of British justice at its worst. These sad and terrible sequences of events will never go away for David and his family but perhaps it will fade. The family who lost a loved one may also never see the justice they deserve. Let us hope that someone, somewhere has learnt something useful from all this misery. My very best wishes to David and his family now that one burden has been reduced a little.

Rachel Emerson


Having worked alongside David Sellu for a period of years , I am fully aware and can vouch for the care and excellent quality of his work. So many of his n.h.s. patients owe their life to him . He did and always would have done everything in his power to help this patient and tragically it was not enough . The scary thing for all health workers is how BMI swung into action building a case against him ! Sadly for David Sellu and the patient’s family , BMI first priority was to protect their profits instead of following the root cause analysis which identified major weaknesses in emergency surgery and failed to listen to surgeons concerns. People assume if they pay for their care and go private they receive “better” care. You get a fancy room a nice tv and menu BUT you’re safer in the NHS !

T Tewari

Former patient

Kind and caring man from my perspective as a former patient. Great news to hear today the conviction has been quashed.

Margaret Mooroongapillay


The British Justice will have to stand up to its fair reputation here.

Kamal Patel

Consultant Paediatrician

Hang in there David. You are not forgotten.

Stella Shailer

Nurse Manager

So sorry to be late to express my horror at the way you have been treated. I remember HH and I know you are a man who cares deeply and maintains high professional standards, this is tragic. I would be happy and proud to stand by you and Catherine if I can help at this lousy time.

Jane Price

Ex ITU Nurse Ealing Hospital

Dear David,
You are the most fantastic surgeon, kind and always looked after your patients above and beyond!
You also cared for us girls who did the grunt work in ITU. Mary Lynch and I often talk about this gross injustice and are willing at ANY time to what ever it needs to clear your name! We will be there at your appel in full uniform to cheer you on! You are much loved.

Adrian Savage

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon (Retired)

Anyone who has worked in private hospitals knows that emergency cases take second place to booked work. Now that the systematic failings of the hospital concerned have come to publication, my view is confirmed. I hope that the hearing in September recognises this appropriately.

Mr Bhupinder Singh Mann

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Sellu was a very decent surgeon who has changed the lives of many individuals through his practice of surgery. I hope his appeal is successful.

Dr Barry Cullen

retired GP

I have obtained my information about Mr Sellu’s case from the BMJ of 8th August 15. It is incredible that a charge of manslaughter was brought against Mr Sellu let alone that the result of the root cause analysis was not put before the court. This is indeed a tragic case but preventing this from happening again will not be achieved by charging people like Mr Sellu with manslaughter. I certainly hope his appeal is successful.

Dr Susan James

Retired GP Now Bank Dr for Family Planning

Stunned to read the article in BMJ You are one of the finest and conscientious doctors I have known over 30 + years

Sethina Watson


sheila dooley-shields

Nurse manager


I was very suddenly admitted into Clementine Churchill hospital with Pereanal abscesses and you were my surgeon for a period of 3 weeks – whilst you operated on me. I want you to know that I would put my life into your hands any day of the week and twice on a Sunday – thank you for getting me through my ordeal. You are a great man.

Anthony Coral

Retired radiologist

Dr Will Fleming

Ridiculous miscarriage of justice and vilification of an individual to attempt to discharge corporate, management and systemic responsibility. Head up David. Please know you are supported

sheila cuesta

senior sister

Our family support you on this battle Mr. Sellu.

Dr Paul foster

Consultant psychiatrist

I do not know Mr Sellu. However it is clear that he has been made a scapegoat for systemic failures of care that go unchallenged. I hope correct justice will ensue and he is made a free man

Aysche David


Susan Connolly

Consultant Cardiologist

This campaign has my full support, all the best for your efforts

Mr Kim Hinshaw

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

I’ve just read the recent BMJ news article (4/8/15) and I have a particular interest in ‘Human factors’ and patient safety. This has a familiar ring, confirming the ‘scape-goat’ approach to addressing error that has been so endemic in healthcare over the years. I offer a relevant quote from a recent book chapter of mine: “The importance of both human-human and human-system interactions leading to error needs to be appreciated. In many medical situations where error has occurred, it is historically the nurse, doctor or midwife who is ‘blamed’ – the so called ‘sharp end’. The subsequent follow up often involves a punitive or disciplinary approach. However, without addressing both the human and systems errors, the potential for patient harm will remain. The ‘Swiss cheese’ model of barriers, defences and failures described by James Reason, shows how patient harm can result when several minor failures link together……”
I hope that Mr Sellu’s appeal is successful – systems errors are not the responsibility of the doctor at the ‘sharp end’……

Nav Sathi

Consultant Acute Physician

This is a systemic problem in private and state hospitals. We need to make a stand.

Valentine Nonyela

Head of Economics and Business Studies. International School Of Paphos

I would like to pledge support to David Sellu in gratitude for saving my mother-in-laws life and in appreciation for the many lives he saved throughout his distinguished career.

Ravi kamath

This ruling is unjust and i fully support David Sellu

sachin agrawal

consultant urologist

Stella Vig

Consultant Vascular and General Surgeon

Gordon Caldwell

Consultant Physician

So much harm from this unjust conviction.
This could mean the end of learning from Morbidity and Mortality Reviews because of fear of criminal convictions for avoidable harms and deaths

Guy Nash

Consultant Surgeon

David Sellu taught me surgery in Ealing many years ago. He was second to none. It is a symptom of modern medicine that its all about the team/system until a bad outcome, when it becomes a witch hunt for an individual. With the power of hindsight it is easy to point the finger at who was “responsible” .. guess what its always the person with all the responsibility! Who would be a consultant surgeon now? I’m not sure how the “expert” and hospital managers in this case sleep at night….


Savitri A Perera

Retired Nurse

I have just read the mirror newspaper investigation and Iam horrified to think that we place our lives in these private so called Health care establishments.

Smruti Mehta

Self- employed medical secretary

It appears to be miscarriage of justice. The investigation should be transparent and there must be agreed policies for suspension of private consultants as well as internal investigations. In the days of court of candour it should be equally applicable to corporate private hospitals and their executives. I wish very best to Dr. Sellu and his family to get the justice as soon as possible.


Thomas Carter


Rekha Bhalla

Respiratory Consultant

Blaming one man for the problems of a failing hospital system is not only unjust in the extreme, it hides the real problems in the organisation and allows patient safety to be compromised further.

Mr Jonathan Lucas

Consultant Spinal Surgeon

Dr Ryan Fisher

Resident Physician

Having trained under Mr. Sellu, I have seen first hand the care that he provides for his patients. He is an excellent surgeon and human being. He truly cares about all of his patients and this is so very unfortunate and unfair for him to be blamed and charged for this death. Every day surgeons and physicians face many issues with patient care. It seems that there were many systems problems with the hospital and they used Mr. Sellu as a scapegoat for these issues. I pray that he will be exonerated and released from this soon.


Ray Guirguis

Pharmacy Manager

I worked with Mr Sellu for a decade and he is an excellent surgeon and prescriber. He is straight, personal and caring.


Nicky Bhatt


So sad and so unfair that this should happen to such a caring, professional man


Dr Andrew Weber

Senior partner., Medical director

I have worked with and known David for over 35 years initially as my registrar. I have referred patients on the NHS and privately. I know him as a concientious hard working and responsible doctor
I have no doubt this is a travesty of justice and can only be blamed on a poor perception of the chain of responsibility and understanding of medicine. Sadly it is seems to be based on the principle of the chain of command and the ultimate responsibility, with the expectation the the top head will roll. This is not such. The chain is composed of unlinked chains, not dependent on the weakest link but the flow of information between each link. It is therefore not the strength of each link, the responsibility of the last link in the chain of command, but a mulifactorial flow linking the chain.
Don’t let the good guys, who care, down, lest you destroy the next generation who might care.


Jack Pottle


David Sellu was an excellent surgeon and a lovely man – I have rarely worked with someone who I admired so much as a professional. Good luck.

Dr Gordon Caldwell

Consultant Physician

I have met David Sellu on a number of occasions. I am a Consultant Physician and if I developed an acute surgical problem, I would confidently entrust my care to Mr Sellu. To me he is an epitome of professionalism, wisdom, calmness and kindness. The whole medical profession, all patients and society should be deeply worried that such a professional ends up in prison. If Mr Sellu deserves to be in prison, so do I and every Doctor that I know

John Rumbold

Postgraduate researcher

I believe there has been a real miscarriage of justice here, with a good doctor trying to do his best for the patient demonised.


Dr S R Krishna Thalagavara


Andrew Cummin

Consultant Physician

It can be very difficult to give the care you might want to give without the appropriate resources and infrastructure. Mr Sellu has been made a scapegoat.

Kim holt


Stay strong – colleagues feel very sad for you. There is so much injustice in the health service and we will do all we can to raise awareness

Christopher McCabe


Justice has not been served in the case and people need to stand up and say so. The Institutions of the health care and justice system have failed in this case. Leadership is required to remedy this appalling decision. Good luck with the appeal.


Sean Tierney

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

I worked as a surgical registrar in Ealing Hospital where I met David in the mid -1990s. I am appalled by the way he, a caring and competent surgeon, has been treated and wish him and his family well.



Principal Dental Surgeon

I was shocked to read all this. I was recommended to David by Professor Avijit Lahiri, head of the Cardiology Department at the Wellington Hospital, when I complained of abdominal pain some eight years or so ago, and David admitted and saw me within the hour at the Clementine Churchill Hospital. He cared for me for four days treating my mild diverticulitis and subsequent colonoscopy. He was exemplary in his treatment, kind and sympathetic. I send my dear late mother to him a couple of years later for her haemorrhoid treatment, and later still recommended a personal friend of mine, a solicitor, Donna Downes who also had successful surgery. I would always recommend David, a true professional and kind human being who showed much empathy and thought in the way he conducted himself. I offer him my total support and hope and pray he will be reinstated forthwith. My thoughts and friendship go to David and his family. Peter Rabin, dental surgeon,

Mr Shyam Kumar

Consultant in Orthopaedics

Peter English


Sounds appalling. very worrying for all of us. good luck.

Gemma conn

Consultant surgeon

This should never have been allowed to happen. There but for the grace of God go all of us working in medicine

Kathleen White

this is unfair

Tom Goodhead

Clinical Negligence Barrister

Amir Savage

Periodontist and implant dentist

Read the recent daily mail article and I am shocked at how one caring surgeon could be blamed and held responsible for what appears to be (according to the newspaper evidence) a hospital systems failure.

Charlotte Bearcroft

Consultant Gastroenterologist

David Sellu is a good surgeon and a decent, honest man. He is a victim of a miscarriage of justice. I hope that his name will be fully cleared as soon as possible.

Ravinder Patti

Owe this man my life! Nothing but praises for him and his work.

Theodorus Franke


I wish him well

Trina Parkin

Retired specialist nurse

appalled at the treatment of this dedicated surgeon ,having worked both in hospital and community for 50years my heart goes out to David and I offer him my sincere support

Austin Obichere

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

I was appointed, trained and received invaluable support from David Sellu throughout my career. Not only was he an accomplished surgeon that I admired, but he was also a descent human being who showed incredible care and compassion to all his patients. I was devasted by this case and feel an immense sense of injustice here and hope that all my colleagues Nationwide will pledge their support.


Public member

I have just come across this and I have spent some time reading your story. What is clear, is the amount of support and testimony of your character. I would only hope that should I need surgery I would be so lucky to be in the care of someone who sounds so upstanding. All the best for the future and I hope your name is cleared as it should be.

Patricia Kennedy

Ex patient

Mr. Sellu & his team saved my life in 2005 after a ruptured colon. I am always thankful, they were superb. I sincerely hope this appeal will be successful.
Good wishes.

Chris Harwood


Great that the Mail article is out now and that the issues have finally come to light. Fully behind you David. Freedom from wrongful imprisonment is a cornerstone of the Magna Carta which underpins our freedom. Surely something will happen now.

Donna Downes


I have just seen the article in today’s Mail on Sunday. I was privalledged to have David Sellu operate on me in 2008. He treated me with incredible care and I made a full recovery thereafter. I had, and still have, every confidence in his skill as an excellent surgeon. David Sellu was recommended to me by a friend who is a health care professional and also one of his former patients. I am horrified by what by what I have read today. Mr Sellu, thank you for all the care you gave me and I wish you the very best for the future, Donna Downes

Peter Scarles

Past Patient

I am shocked at what I have just read in the Mail on Sunday
In April 2008, David Sellu probably saved my life after a colonoscopy by a colleague perforated my intestine. David closely monitored and stepped in to rectify the situation over a weekend and continuously followed up on my health for the next three months. I’m still here because he cared for his patients regardless of what time or day it was.
Thank you David.

Catherine Dutton

S.M.A Perera

Retired Theatre Sister

I am very happy to hear that Mr Sellu is out and at home. I stand firmly with all of his friends who are working to clear his name and reputation from this appalling injustice. I know we will see the bright light of justice soon.

mahesh kumar

consultant surgeon

I frequently think about David and say “there but for the grace of god”.
Overwhelmingly our profession has felt the judgement and sentence of David has been extremely harsh.
There are many “if only’s” within this case and others as well as my daily clinical work that could errors occur despite rigorous checks and briefings.
I believe Mr Sellu , like I, always has the patients best interest at heart and felt this was the most important feeling a surgeon should have. However despite this patients will die and blame shouldn’t be attributed to honest hardworking clinicians.
god bless you David Sellu
Hope to meet you sometime

mahesh kumar

James Laban

As a Neurosurgeon who trained in London I have several colleagues who have worked or trained with David. There is unanimous agreement that he is a excellent, dedicated and meticulous clinician. I wish him and his family all the best and hope, for the sake of our society, that this travesty of justice is overturned.

johnand bridgetfleming

ex patient

forever grateful for a kind wonderful doctor.

Loma Estreich


Maura Dunne

Retired colleague

I have only just learnt of the terrible fate that has befallen David Sellu. I had the privilege of meeting David in 1979 when as a young nurse I was heading to the country of his birth. David was a Doctor not only dedicated to the lives of his patients here in the UK but in his personal life worked hard to support the delivery of health care in his war torn country of Sierra Leone. He did so by sending financial support. equipment, and when visiting his family gave of his time freely to assist our experienced surgeon in a small mission hospital ,operate on patients who had needs more complex than those we could provide care for. As a health professional it is unbelievable that an individual can be held solely accountable for the care of a patient, when it is widely recognised that care is always complex and requires team work. Despite this unjust conviction, those who know David will only respect him more. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Tetai Spencer


I only found out about this yesterday. Totally shocked. I couldn’t say it any better than all of you have already done. Mr Sellu will be vindicated. Behind you all the way.


Siân Kerslake


Always caring, supportive and willing to go the extra mile. Skilled and wise, may God give you the strength to persevere. We are so upset at what you have had to endure.

Nick Morris

Consultant Gynaecologist

Dear David.we worked together at the Clementine Churchill. I was so saddened to hear what happened to were always known as a diligent kind and caring doctor. I am shocked by the way you were treated and this is the view held throughout the corridors and changing rooms in London medicine. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Jill Crehan


We have known the family since Catherine and I shared a flat as students. David has always been a brilliant surgeon and a kind and lovely man. We chose him to operate on my mother-in-law and she had a very positive experience. We would not hesitate to choose David for any future operation.
It is very scarey that this could happen to such a good man and does make you question the justice system in Britain. If it can happen to David, it can happen to anyone, however hard working and honest they may be.
I hope there will be a retrial and that proper justice will be done, even though it can’t make up for the awful time he has spent in prison and the suffering it has caused to his family, his name must be cleared.

Jemma Bhoday

Colorectal SpR

John C Alcock

Ex patient Alive and kicking due to David Sellu

I was operated on by David for bowel cancer in November 1997 I believe he is responsible for me still being here today. It was he who recommended the chemotherapy treatment.
His caring aftercare were second to none.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
I pray for you and thank you for my prolonged life. My God keep you safe

Kenneth Levere

Retired GP

Mr Sellu operated on my late mother several years ago. She had cancer of the caecum. The operation was a success, and there were no complications. My mother was very appreciative of the care and kindness he showed, as was everyone in the family who met him.


Tim Campbell-Smith

Consultant Surgeon

I too am shocked by this. There by the grace of God…

Dr John G Myatt

Consultant Anaesthetist

I am very saddened and deeply concerned about what has happened to David Sellu and the wider implications to consultants and other healthcare professionals.

Wasim Mahmalji

SpR Urology

I was Mr Sellu’s F1 doctor in 2000. I found him kind, caring, approachable and delivered the most outstanding patient care. I am shocked to see what has happened to this caring and dedicated professional. I would like to thank him for giving me huge support in my first year as a doctor.

Jessica Semmens

I am deeply saddened to hear of David’s story, it seems so unjustified!

Errol J Britto

Attending Surgeon, Springfield, Ohio, USA

This letter of support comes rather late in the day (December 12, 2014) but we only heard of this tragic twist of fate, which has led to the totally unjust “framing” of my friend and colleague David Sellu.

My wife Francine and I were shocked and outraged to hear of the upsetting sentence delivered. David is and always will be an exemplary surgeon of the highest caliber. I have known him professionally and his family personally during our time together in the Sultanate of Oman. Having worked beside him in the Operating Room’s and in the ward, I can honestly say that his operative skills, patient care and clinical decisions have always been exemplary and impressive. I have learnt a lot from him and cherish the time we spent together taking care of patients. He has always been a kind, caring surgeon and it is hard to believe that he did anything untoward in this particular case – given his flawless track record! It is obvious that he has taken the fall for others and is being used as a scapegoat in a dysfunctional system.
David, we support you wholeheartedly and hope and pray that Cathy, the children and you hold your head high always. I cannot even imagine the distress and tension you all have gone through. Be rest assured that anyone who has known you and your lovely family, will never ever change their opinion of you because of this abominable course of events.

I hold you my friend, in the highest esteem and in my career working with surgeons over 38 years in three different Continents, I count you among the best of the greatest — you are indeed a “gentleman surgeon” and to me and my family you will always remain the same.

Our love and prayer and looking forward to hearing nothing but good things happening to you, Cathy and the children in the years to come.

Francine and Errol Britto

janine dhami


Dear Mr sellu, I hope u get to read this.a terrible injustice was done to you. I have and always will, think you are an amazing surgeon, who clearly cared for his patients. When a colleague told me their family member was ill and did I know a surgeon who I personally would use I refered them to you. I will stand by this opinion still now. u have my upmost respect.

Jane Roche (formerly Stimpson)

Jemma Hale

Urology Spr

Jonathan Glass

Consultant Urologist

I am a surgeon and was briefly a patient of David’s. David was recommended to me and treated me so kindly.

I was shocked to hear what had happened to David. Every day surgeons make difficult judgements,, struggle with our time, use our dedication to make systems work for the benefit of patients when those systems sometimes seems to be working against us. We start early, finish late, and aim to deliver the best care we possibly can in the system we have. We must do so in an environment that is supportive and that recognises the challenges we face every day, the responsibility we accept, and the introspection that many of us bring to our role and take home with us.

I believe David has been devastatingly let down and the implications of the way he has been treated could have a huge and adverse impact on patient care in the future.

I wish David good strength. I know you get strength from those close to you.

Peter Doyle

Consultant Emergency Medicine

Hi David,
I think that I worked with you in 1985 with Prof Bevan at Dudley Road. Is that where you worked then? I was a third year medical student.
I worked for 8 years as an EM consultant in Selly Oak and moved to Dudley, Russells Hall in 2010.
I cannot believe this.
I write simply to show my support, thank you for teaching me and to say “Hi”. If you get a chance, write back, please
Best wishes,
Peter Doyle (now MBChB DRCOG MRCP FCEM – partly thanks to you!)

Rebecca Arnold

Biofeedback Nurse

Was very saddened to hear what happened to Mr Sellu.
He is a brilliant man and surgeon and always there for his patients.
I worked with Mr Sellu for a number of years and he was always supportive of his colleagues.


Chloe Baldi

Claims Manager

I have just read a very supportive medical report where you were involved in the care of a patient and this made me look up the website. I couldn’t agree more with all the comments on it and this at least most be very comforting for you. You have always been so helpful in taking me through cases, even when you have not been involved in the care. I too remember instances when you have intervined when patients of colleagues have suffered complications.

I have a friend who was very ill iin Ealing Hospital a few years ago who is convinced that she is only alive today because as the oncall surgeon you saw that she was very sick and took action. In fact you’d come in to see another patient.


Dr kurian george

Senior consultant urologist

Dr David Sellu is a dedicated surgeon and a teacher too. He is gem of a gentleman. He has helped me a lot to do my FRCS examination. I owe a lot to him. Mine and my family’s whole hearted support will always be there for Dr David Sellu.

Lesley and Nigel Porteous


We still shake our heads in disbelief that such a kind, considerate, brilliant surgeon is not here with us. Your skill cannot be matched. Your relationships with your patients and colleagues genuine.
You are missed…. our hearts go out to you and your beautiful family

Declan Cahill

Consultant Surgeon

The surgical community is shocked by this. Mr Sellu has an excellent reputation and he is highly respected.

Mark Wilkinson

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Utterly inappropriate that this matter was sent to a criminal court. Judgments such as this will send a shiver down the spine of all clinicians, who will think ‘There, but for the grace of God, go I’, and lead to a worse rather than better medical and surgical service.

Muhammad Shamim Khan OBE FRCS (Urol) FEBU

Consultant & Reader in Urology / Director BAUS Office of Education

I was shocked to hear that David Sellu, a highly competent, extremely caring surgeon after having been charged with manslaughter has been sent to jail for two and a half years.

I had the privilege of working with him at the early stage of my surgical career and can confirm that he is an exceptionally caring, highly empathetic doctor, very skilled and safe surgeon, an excellent teacher, a model team player and extremely humble and kind individual.

He undoubtedly has been the role model formany who aspire to enter into medical profession, particularly those who wish to become surgeons.

I am afraid the harsh punishment he has received would deter many youngsters from entering the medical profession in general and surgical career in particular.

David Sellu’s reputation has been tarnished towards the end of his long unblemished career but the miscarriage of justice will leave lasting impact on the medical profession in years to come.

Matt James

Consultant surgeon

Any surgeon could have made a similar error of judgement and any of us could now be in your position.

I am appalled at the sentence you have been given and it has rocked my faith in our judicial system.

I wish you the strength of character to rebuild your life after this sentence and I hope the family of the deceased find peace for their awful loss.

David Anderson

consultant cardiac surgeon

It is a terrible sadness for all surgeons that any patient should die following an operation but it is a real possibility in all surgery. When a mishap occurs most of my colleagues have rallied to the cause with common purpose of saving life with little regard to professional pride or reputation should they fail. This case must make us all think again when called in such circumstance.
It is quite clear that had Mr Sellu simply said “sorry but I am busy” in effect walking by on the other side unlike the Good Samaritan that he evidently is, he would still be a free man. Instead he could not in conscience bear the thought that his inaction might have cost a patient their life so responded and did his best in the circumstances.
It is incomprehensible that such action should lead to jail.

Michal Brzozowski

I am a former patient of Dr Sellu. I was 17 when I had a major operation under Dr Sellu’s care. I cannot express enough how impressed I was with his attentiveness and care during that time and I have, thus far, had no complications following my surgery.

I read the sentencing remarks of the judge and was shocked and saddened by the verdict.

I am happy to pledge my support to Dr Sellu and wish him all the best.

Margaret Brzozowska

Our son was Mr. Sellu patient

Fantastic Dr. We are extremely sorry for what happen.

Frances Williams

Hon Consultant Rheumatologist

I am shocked and saddened to read of this terrible version of justice. Mr Sellu was a highly respected surgeon when I trained at Ealing Hospital. While my thoughts go out to him and his family, the wider implications for healthcare professionals in general are clear and need challenging. I am pleased to lend support to that challenge.

Tarique Hussain

Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist

Ben Challacombe

Consultant Urologist

This well respected and thoroughly professional man did his best in a difficult situation following picking up the phone when others wouldn’t. The lack of an emergency general surgery rota at the private hospital is the key reason why this occurred. There are many other smaller private hospitals running on similar goodwill systems.

bridget fleming

wife of ex patient

Dr sellu treated my husband for bowel cancer saved his life
we found him the most caring and kind man

mary Colette Wood.

retired housewife

I was a patient of Mr Sellu in 2005 he operated on me for bowel
cancer at Ealing hospital I must say I had the best of care and I am most grateful to him for saving my life
I pray for him and his family night and day .
I was shocked when I heard that he was sent to prison he did not deserve that as he was the most caring person I ever came across

Margaret Pillay

Registered nurse Uk and Ontario Canada

I am so deeply saddened that an honourable gentleman, gifted and talented and outstanding surgeon is accused of manslaughter and jailed
Yes without a doubt , it is a tragedy that a patient dies unexpectedly while in the care of a team of Hospital professionals., and I understand how difficult it must be for the family to understand what went wrong.
However no professional, works alone in health care.We work in a team , and our team is only as strong as our weakest link.
Where we’re Mr Sellus team members, who monitored the steady decline in the patients condition.
I have worked with many great surgeons in the UK and Canada,
But without doubt Mr Sellu is one of the finest,.i worked with him for many years
at Ealing hospital where from his bedside manner,his reliability , and kindness towards staff and patient , earned him much respect .
He’s truly a great man and surgeon, so please I ask of those in authority and those of you who have made a decision about Mr Sellu’s sentence , Think again.
Mr Sellu should not be in Jail but out there serving his community and the people of Ealing and Middlesex with his precious gift of saving lives and putting patients first.
Free MR Sellu now .

Francesca Ryan

It seems there is a good case for an appeal. Mr Sellu appears be carrying the entire responsibility for the event, which seems fair neither to him nor the person who died and their family.
However, I imagine this does not cause any loss of sleep for the directors of BMI.

William & Maura Carbery


Dear Mr Sellu,

I was very upset to hear about your conviction, which I think is a travesty of justice.

I was a patient of yours eight years ago in the Clementine Churchill hospital. You were a very caring, efficient and wonderful person. I thank you for saving my life and, no doubt, countless others.

My wife and I will never forget you and remember you in our prayers. You have done no wrong and will always have our support.


William Carbery



Angela Skuce




David Melville

consultant surgeon

I have never met David Sellu. But I have frequently met the problems which Mr Sellu met in caring for poor Mr Hughes. I have spent hours trying to find an anaesthetist and hours trying to get into theater whilst balancing the competing needs of various patients.

David Sellu’s treatment by the courts is grossly unjust. I am sure that there is not a consultant colorectal surgeon who hasn’t managed a case in a similar way and over a similar time span. If the courts see fit to send Mr Sellu to prison then they could do it to any other colorectal surgeon in similar circumstances.


Zainab Nazerali


Having looked after Mr Sellu’s patients on numerous occasions at The Clementine Churchill Hospital, I have always known Mr Sellu to be very efficient, thoughtful, kind, polite, caring and best colo-rectal surgeon. Its a great shame of what happened and I stand by and support him.



Naomi Smith



Lorin Lakasing

Consultant in Obstetrics

Dear David,

I was appauled when I read about your case. I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family for what you all must be having to endure.



Very unfortunate to hear this both from patient and surgeon point of view. However to criminalise a treatment plan is dangerous development. Hope it get’s resolved soon.



Tony Starczewski

Consultant Physician (retired)

Hard to believe such a horrible injustice could have been perpetrated!
Please pass on my best wishes and support………….there but the grace of God so many of us working at the cutting edge of the NHS would be!



Russ Ladwa

General Dental practitioner

The system has failed a fine and most caring health professional of long standing.
The worry is can This happen to any one of us?
Will the make us better or even more defensive and selective about any future treatment we undertake?



Andrew Baker


Mary Humphreys

Self employed



Janet Bromelow



Rachael Allum

Retired clinical risk management assessor



Mike Berry

This seems grossly unfair, and should be appealed against.



Wendy grey

Quality improvement manager



Alice Bondi

I’m saddened that we have become such a litigious society that everything has to be ‘blame’ and ‘prosecution’ and ‘sue’ when things go wrong. I really hope this case of David Sellu can begin to create more awareness of the absurdity of blaming in all and every situation, and a beginning of a society of more compassion and understanding.



Simon ball

Good luck and stay positive!



David King



Mary Laban

Retired Consultant Anaesthetist

David, to you and your family I send my heartfelt sympathy at this enormous travesty of justice and the terrible hardship it is having on you, Catherine and your family. I have tried several times to put my thoughts to paper in your support and at the enormity of your suffering but my words seem so trivial.
It was inconceivable when I first anaesthetised for you, me a new consultant and you a promising registrar at Ealing Hospital that 34 years later you would be in prison. But remember and continue to take strength from that fact that you did live up to all those early promises and became an experienced, professional, dedicated and careful, caring Consultant Colorectal Surgeon. I share these sentiments so many of your colleagues and friends have voiced here in your support.
I was honoured to continue to anaesthetise for you both at Ealing and at the Clementine Churchill Hospital. I was witness to your diligence in always putting the patient first, in having the surgical skills necessary to save so many lives that would otherwise been lost. I know first hand that there were many occasions when emergences presented to the Clementine Hospital and you and other surgeons have rung me desperately trying to find an anaesthetist. I shared my concerns with your Australasian colleagues all of whom were flabbergasted at the idea of a surgeon being on call for emergencies without a rota for an on call theatre anaesthetist.
Keep up your strength and health David. There are many of your colleagues and the general public who are appalled at your sentence and suffering. Soon it will be over and you will continue to raise your head high.
My thoughts are with you in this time of dilemma.



Joan Persaud

Medical Secretary

Mr Sellu – this is obviously devastating for you and your family; most definitely a scapegoat. It’s an absolute disgrace as to the way you were treated. My thoughts are with you and sincerely hope that justice will prevail.


Dr Than

Retired biochemist at Ealing hospital

Dear David
I worked with you at Ealing hospital for many years and you were a caring kind surgeon and I have also been a patient of yours.
I am so sorry to hear about this tragic event and miscarriage of justice.
You have always been an excellent surgeon and extremely conscientious.
I would very much like to visit you or failing that,write to you and would be grateful if you could advise me as to how I can do so.
My thoughts are with you and your family.

Susan Lipman

Medical Administrator

I met Mr Sellu four years ago as a patient recommended by another consultant after he had successfully performed life saving surgery on their family member. Mr Sellu was totally professional, charming and polite. Took his time to explain everything clearly and kindly. He is precise and his attention to detail, in my experience was second to none.
When I learnt that his case was going to Court, I could not believe it and the outcome was horrific. I read as much as I could on the internet and latterly the ST article. I feel sick that such a man has gone through all this. I cannot believe how this has happened. It is a tragedy for him and his family and of course the patient’s family. I pray this will never happen again as I am afraid to think of the consequences this will have on the way our surgeons perform. I pray for strength to all involved and hope that an Appeal will be forthcoming and that Mr Sellu can clear his name.



Ruth purchese

Retires Outpatients Sister

I worked with David as a Registered Nurse and I found Him conscientious and caring and will go the extra mile.
I also know David and Catherine as friends so I feel this is travesty of justice to a consultant who has an unblemished career.
We will be thinking and praying for you



Dr. & Mrs. Henry Gyasi

We have only read about David’s unfortunate situation as published in the Sunday Times Magazine: it was a big shock to us.

We have known David as a friend & colleague whilst working together in Oman. He was an excellent and hard working Surgeon and we cannot believe that he is in prison for doing his work. We pray that God gives him, Cathy and the children strength in these difficult tmes and hope that he becomes a free man again soon.

Henry, Gladys, Nana, Andi & Koby Gyasi


Abubakar Suleiman

Catherine Williamson

Professor of Women's Health

Dear Mr Sellu
I was very moved when I read about your story in the Sunday Times and would like to send you my support and sympathy. I am a Professor of Women’s Health and Honorary Consultant Obstetric Physician. I am astounded that your case was referred to a criminal court. It is clear that you are a thoughtful and caring doctor. There are of course two tragedies in your case. A man died when he could have lived if the management strategies had been different, and a respected, talented clinician has been lost to the NHS.
All clinicians have cases where we wish we could have done things differently if we had the opportunity. This does not mean that we are negligent, and certainly not criminally negligent. I am one of the UK reviewers of maternal mortality cases related to pre-existing medical disease. Devastating outcomes can be the result of a complex series of events (very rarely due to wilful negligence). These issues are not straightforward and it is inappropriate and unfair to ask a non-expert jury to evaluate them. I sincerely hope that your case will be re-tried and that justice is served. It is absolutely wrong that you have been imprisoned. You and your family have my best wishes and support.
Catherine Williamson



Former medical secretary

Just found out about this today. My heart goes out to his wife and family as this is surely a miscarriage of justice. I worked at Ealing nhs hospital And knew the surgeons as people and surgeons he was one of the finest general surgeons kind and caring.

Karl Murphy

Consultant Obstetrician

Dear David

You do not know me but I also would like to send you my support. Since I have heard about your story I have been almost physically sick with dismay.

Emergency clinical care is difficult in so many ways that are not apparent to those who sit in judgement with the benefit of hindsight. Clinical problems can play out in a myriad of unpredictable ways. Moreover there are always competing demands on our time and the urgency of any particular problem can wax and wane accordingly. Even our mood can affect our decision making- a prolonged period of good outcomes engenders a sense of confidence, whilst a run of problems can lead to more defensive practice. Good clinical judgement requires a strong sense of humanity to interpret all the relevant pieces of information. Despite all of our prescriptive guidelines we are not, nor are we meant to be, robots. Therefore the system must leave us with enough leeway to make those judgements. Failure to do so risks upsetting the balance between helping the small number with a problem and harming the greater number who do not.

It is indeed a sad time when an experienced and competent surgeon is jailed for an alleged clinical misjudgement. In my specialty of obstetrics I am called upon daily to make rapid clinical decisions with potentially life changing implications for my patients- I have always been concerned about getting it wrong and having to live with the consequences. Now I have to worry about spending my later years in prison as well.

I believe that it is important that this injustice is addressed in order to protect the future well-being of all patients.


Marie McNelis

Former Patient

Dear Mr Sellu,

I live in Dublin and have only just learned of your devastating ordeal.
I was a patient of yours at Ealing Hospital in 1999/2000 where you saved my life.
During this time I was hospitalised many times, some hospitalisations were for long periods (e.g. 6 weeks duration).
Your unquestionable professionalism, absolute dedication and genuine caring nature are among the factors that saved my life (and in fact the lives of countless others) and gave me the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I am truly blessed that you were my surgeon and to this end, I will be eternally grateful to you.
It is for this reason that I am truly horrified at the outcome of this case and I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family and offer my support in any way possible. You have given life back to so many of us and dedicated your own life to saving others and improving the quality of lives. It is inconceivable that a man of your calibre, brilliance and dedication should now bear this wrong, and for this I am very sorry.
You are in my thoughts and prayers Mr Sellu.
Marie McNelis


Leigh Thompson

Ex Superintendent Radiographer. NHS



Ramandeep Ladwa





Visiting Medical Officer

Absolute travesty of justice
This situation must be a warning to all who care for patients at all levels
This case should be publicised on national and international media outlets


Mark Cheetham

Consultant Surgeon

The descision to convict David of manslaughter and the sentencing is a travesty of justice which ignores all the the other factors in this case.


Fiona Wisniacki

Consultant Emergency Medicine

I have just read the Sunday Times article and still can’t get my head around the enormity of what you and your family are going through.

I am sure we at Ealing all feel that there is so little we can do to help your situation but this website is one way of us expressing our support and telling you that you and your family are in our thoughts on a daily basis.


Kirsty Challen

StR Emergency Medicine

Dr Sellu, I was so nearly you, but so could all of us be. Show me the doctor who has never made a misjudgement and I will show you the doctor who has never seen a patient. I despair of the “justice” that has held you personally responsible for the failings of a system. Hoping that you and your family are gifted the strength to keep going until this is overturned.


The Secret CEO

NHS Chief Executive

Until I read about David Sellu’s case in a newspaper I had not heard about it. I do not know him and do not even know if he is a good surgeon (although there are many comments on here that suggest he is well respected). But none of this is the point. In his letter to senior NHS managers following his review of safety in the NHS Don Berwick said:
“In trying to achieve remedy, your most certain and productive pathways will be built on the enormous strengths of the NHS – its people, their commitment, its charter, much of its track record, and the affection and wisdom of patients and carers. I hope that you will invest even more than ever before in learning, growth, development, ambition, and pride. This is the route that can make the NHS a “learning organization” in every sense of the term, and it can unleash momentum for improvement that no simple, top-down, control- oriented, requirement-driven culture ever can.”
A learning organisation is not one that penalises individuals for faults that lie in the wider system. Now I know that this did not happen in the NHS and I know the NHS is often not good at living up to these principles but I for one believe they are the best hope for improving care. David Sellu should not be held criminally responsible for honest mistakes or for faults in the sytem. The fear of such outcomes will not make for better care but for fear and stress amongst staff leading to poor morale and worse outcomes. I know from experience that there is great pressure on the police and CPS to get involved in NHS professional issues this is almost always mistaken and not in the public interest. I have not given my name because it would drawing attention away from David’s case. I regret this but it is the way things work! Finally, my thoughts are with the family who have red suffered this tragic loss and with David and his family – victims one and all.



Julian and Jenifer Capper


Dear David,
We have just discovered your plight through the Sunday Times magine. This is a travesty and we hope that the efforts to raise this issue will result in a complete exoneration for you. We are praying for you and Catherine and your children.



Gail Drysdale

Dear David,

I am completely unconnected to this horrible experience that you are being forced to endure. I read about this on facebook.

I’m so very sorry to hear your story and would like to offer you my prayers in support of you and other professionals that may be in the same situation.

You are clearly a valued member of society, your medical achievements aside. No doubt countless patients have received the gift of life from the work your own hands have fought to carry out. I can’t imagine what a terrible curse it is to be blessed with your skills and to have them thrown back in your face in this manner.

It must have been devastating to lose this patient and it’sa terrible occurrence that is bond to happen every now and then. Don’t forget your achievements, we haven’t.

You have support, stay strong, my prayers are with you.

Gail Drysdale



Margaret Noonan


I worked as a sonographer at Ealing Hospital for 10 years and remember Mr Sellu very well. A lovely caring Doctor who often visited ultrasound. Very saddened to hear about this case. Highlights the failings of the private system in the Uk!


Suraj Thomas




Robert Jenkins

Psychotherapist and co-founder of the Alliance for Counselling & Psychotherapy

I first heard about this case from a recent article in the Sunday Times. I was appalled that such a compassionate and dedicated clinician with an unblemished 40 year record of public service should be found guilty of the manslaughter of a patient in these circumstances.
Many former colleagues of Dr Sellu, likewise many of his patients have paid tribute to him and his many qualities on this website.
I had never heard of Dr Sellu until a few days ago but for me, as an activist in an organisation which has successfully campaigned against irrational and inappropriate models of professional regulation of clinicians, I feel a deep sympathy for this man, who appears to have fallen victim to the ‘naming, shaming, blaming’ culture that is undermining the confidence in their work of many clinical and similar practitioners these days, and which can in the long run only lead to more defensive, and hence less effective clinical practice, which will be to the detriment of all.


Joe Sebastian

Consultant Neuroanaesthetist

Dear Mr Sellu,

I was very upset & distressed to read the article in the Sunday Times, and have only just come to know about this. I am so sorry to hear this. I have very fond memories of my time as your house officer in Ealing Hospital. You were a great boss & a thorough gentleman who always had the patients’ interests at heart. This whole episode is worrying for our profession. Sabena & I are thinking of you at this difficult time and hope you keep your spirits up. With best wishes.



Sarah Doran

Advanced Practitioner in Medical Ultrasound

I do not personally know this surgeon but have followed the case closely and he has endorsements on here from many people who I do know, and respect highly.
What a travesty that this can happen.

Michael Haas

CEO Coralfox Ltd

Have heard about this injustice from Ian Franklin. I hope it can be resolved and with David Sellu returned to his unblemished status.

Pat Murray


It’s hard to find the right words … Mr Sellu operated on me for cancer about seven years ago and I continued seeing him for my check-ups. He is a true gentleman, extremely kind (not only to me but also to friends who accompanied me), always professional and ‘on duty’ all hours. How lucky was I to have such an incredible surgeon looking after me. I cannot comprehend how he and his family must be feeling but I know there are many, many patients like me who are thinking of you and wishing that this nightmare will be over very soon. Our thoughts and support will always be with you.



M Hamish

Anita Houghton

Consultant in Public Health London

I read the article in the Sunday times yesterday with disbelief and huge distress. The implications for the profession are profound, but they are also profound for patients.
Please send my sincere support and love to David, I wish him the strength to survive this and hope that this dreadful situation can be remedied.
Anita Houghton



Matthew Short




Ray McLaughlin

Consultant Surgeon

Complete injustice


Kallan Nee

Just read of David’s plight in the Times and was astonished that this could happen. Therefore I wanted to show my support for David and his family.



Mary Dawood

Consultant nurse

Its good to see this very balanced reporting in the Sunday Times today on the travesty that is the conviction of David Sellu for manslaughter. It is clear that many more people continue to shirk blame and should be very ashamed in this case . Clinicians everywhere especially surgeons should read this article. If a surgeon of David’s reputation and standing can be found guilty of manslaughter then clinicians everywhere are guilty.

Ben Saunders

Heard about David’s story for the first time in today’s Sunday Times and felt moved to pledge my support and sympathy.



Janet Galpin

Former Patient

David Sellu operated on me some years ago at Clementine Churchill. I had total confidence in Mr Sellu, and both my husband and I were extremely impressed by the kindness, care and attention that Mr Sellu showed to both of us. I have heard similar comments from other patients and from many health professional.

I feel very sad for Mr Sellu and his family – the medical profession has lost a great asset.



Kiran sharma


Hi Dr. Sellu,

This is a small thought which helps us in difficult times.

“Where there is worry, there cannot be any rest or comfort. Where there is fear there cannot be any peace. However you are embodiments of solutions who find a solution to every problem and this is why you are free from worry and fear. Any problem that comes in front of you comes to play games with you, not to make you afraid”.

“Abundance is to see that there are endless possibilities before us. And at the same time, still see an incredibly rich existence right where we are. It is a feeling of gratitude for everything and everyone we have in our life”

WE all respect you and nothing has changed. Thanks



Raf Amato

Head of design

Hope your name is cleared soon



S Dar

Medical Registrar



Michael Jenkins

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

David – I have never met you, but your plight concerns me greatly. My colleague Ian Franklin has championed your case and is a great advocate for you.

I cannot believe that any medic trying to help a patient in good faith can end up facing (and being convicted of) a criminal charge in the way you have. It has huge implications for the way we will all practice in the future and cannot be good for patient care.

I am pretty confident that your sentence will be eventually overturned, but recognise that it will not be much compensation for what you have been through. One thing you can be sure of however is the amount of support and sympathy you have within the surgical community. It is impossible to attend an academic meeting without you being talked about! Not everyone can find time to contact you, but that does not mean you are not being thought of.

Hope this all ends for you very soon. Good luck and think about all the good you have done for NHS patients over many decades. No one can take that away.

Best wishes, Mike



Mary Hynan

Retired Senior Nurse

David & family I am sorry that it has taken me so long to add my support. In the thirteen years that I knew David he was always a caring and supportive surgeon to patients and staff. He gave his all to medicine over the years and it is unbelievable what has happened. My thoughts and prayers continue for you and the family.



Richard Gibbs

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

The Injustice meted out to David is devastating and inexplicable not just to David personally, but to the wider healthcare community in general and ultimately to the patients we seek to serve. David’s case was discussed at an International vascular surgical meeting last week, and a legal expert from the MDU briefed the audience on the implications of the case. Which surgeon will take the sometimes necessary risks to perform life saving operations under the threat of imprisonment? We work under the burgeoning threat of civil action every day, accept it and pay our defence bodies accordingly. We all accept that egregious and wilful neglect should be subject to criminal law. David Sellu’s case never came close to this, and he entirely retains the professional respect of his surgical peers for the skilfull and caring surgeon that he is.

David – illegitimi non carborundum!



Carol Davies


I have known David Sellu for many years. A true gentleman in more ways than one. He is an excellent surgeon. David is such a kind caring gentleman. A wonderful consultant so kind, thoughtful & caring.

He has look after me many times & also had surgery by David.

I was so sad & upset when I heard this about David.

David would never neglect any patient in fact he would go out of his way to help patients & his colleagues he would be there for you every hour of the day or night.

I can’t imagine what David & his family must be going through at this time,
The justice system is very unfair in this country. I pray that David & his family have the strength to get through this. David should not be in prison he should be doing what he does best being a surgeon.

A nicer man you could not meet & a true true gentleman he became a friend to me over the many years I have know David & I am proud to say he was my consultant & my friend.

Keep strong avid you have everyone supporting you.
You are in my toughest all the time & I hope our paths will cross again in the future. Much Love to you & your lovely family.

Carol Davies

Katy Willis




Sally keen


It’s taken me a long time to add to this page as it is one of the most difficult events I have ever had to get my head around. I have had the honour of knowing David sellu for 30 years . I can say with my hand on my heart he is a true gentleman, infact a perfect gentleman. A brilliant surgeon who operated on my husband successfully removing a cancer . I had 100o/o confidence my husband would be ok in his brilliant hands. He treat everyone with care and respect and does not judge .  David needs to be home with his lovely wife and family doing what he does best and that’s caring for the community.




Having worked as a house officer in the same hospital as Mr Sellu in 2000, I was always struck by his good communication skills, caring nature and wholistic care of patients. I wish him the very best



Julien Labastide

Driving Instructor

I was a patient of Dr Sellu about 2.5 years ago, I felt David was a compassionate and caring Doctor.
My family and I prayers are with you and your family and we will constantly support you.
God bless

Julien Labastide



Julie Mitchell

Senior Sister

I had not realised this site existed and am so glad it does. I worked with David Sellu for a short time, when I first came to Ealing as a junior nurse. In the years since working together he always had a smile and hello, when ever our paths crossed in the hospital. I was always struck by his open and gentle care and compassion for his patients , it was a pleasure to work with him. . I have worked alongside many medical professionals in my 34 years of nursing and occasionally I work alongside someone who leaves a lasting impression with me, because of their professionalism, knowledge and care for the patients they are treating. David Sellu is one of those, Like so many, I was astounded, shocked at the incredulous verdict. My thoughts and support, go to David and his family.



Rosamond Manson

Retired nurse

Dear Mr Sellu,

just wanted to let you know of my continued support and hoping you are getting on ok.
Praying for you and your family to get through this difficult time and that you end up stronger than before.

Best wishes,




Michael Rudolf

Consultant Physician

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get round to adding my support, but I totally agree with all of the comments from David’s large number of colleagues and friends. I have known David for as long as he has worked at Ealing (indeed I can even remember when he first worked here as a surgical registrar), and it would be difficult to find a kinder and more conscientious gentleman anywhere. I only hope that, even at this late stage, it will be possible to do something about this travesty of justice. My thoughts are with David and his family.



SJ Edmondson


Dear Mr Sellu,

I worked with you only briefly during my Foundation Year 2, whilst I was rotating through general surgery at Ealing Hospital. From my experience working with you on-call and during nights, I can only remember very good things about you and your excellent, caring approach to all of your patients. This is an exceptionally awful thing to have happened to such a good surgeon and good person.

No justice at all.

My thoughts are with you and your family.




CAMHS Psychiatry registrar

The sentencing in this case has been too harsh and unjust



Katriona Kennedy

Head Nurse

Dear David
We never had the opportunity to work together but we met frequently in the corridors of EHT. You never failed to acknowledge me or others and this shows just how lovely you are. Seeing the amount of people, both professionals and patients who have pledged their support for you is evidence enough to show what a great person you are.
I think it is sad and worrying that the great justice system that we rely for support and guidance has demonstrated such injustice in your case.

My thoughts and support are with you, Catherine and your family.



Carole Edward

I cannot remember when or how I became aware of the case against David Sellu but I am shocked and horrified that such a gentleman, about whom so many people have written so positively could possibly have been so harshly treated. I knew David Sellu firstly as a family man having taught two of his children but later as a surgeon who operated on my daughter. In the former role, he was a caring and supportive father and. in the latter, as a surgeon, he did all he could to help my daughter and he did. Thankfully, she is now well.


Ros Lewis


I have known David Sellu for many years as a colleague; he also looked after a close family friend. Feedback from his patients has always been excellent and he has been very helpful with any queries or fitting in patients urgently. I was shocked to hear that this case was felt to justify a criminal sentence.



Mary Lawler


Dear David, Catherine & Family
So many kind words of support for you and rightly so you deserve the gratitude. My prayers are with you and I look forward to seeing you back home where you belong with your family.
Take Care



Sophie Greenfield

Dear Dr Sellu,

Like many others on this site I was shocked to discover your predicament and subsequent treatment. I was honoured to be your patient for over ten years and I was always treated with warmth, respect and kindness by you.
I enjoyed coming to see you- well talking with you- not the procedures!

You now have my personal letters – but I also wanted to show my support on the site.

I am pleased to see that there are many colleagues on here that have such a high opinion of you. As I am sure that many of your patients do as well.



Blake Edwards

Mr David Sellu is without a doubt one of the finest doctors I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He always put patient care as his number 1 priority. It is an absolute disgrace that this fine surgeon who has helped and cared for so many people has been treated in this way.

Apart from being a fine surgeon Mr Sellu is a true gentleman, a loving father and husband and it is an absolute privilege to know him.



Arun Ahluwalia

Hello David,
This is Arun here. I must apologise for not letting you know earlier how sorry Pravin, I and the boys are to hear of the nightmare you are in. In fact I did leave a text message of support some months back on your mobile only to be informed much later that I had actually left it on the mobile of another another David friend of mine.
I must let everyone know, you have always treated and looked after myself, Pravin my wife and of course our younger son Anuj in the best possible and professional way. Following Anuj’s football injury it was you who diagnosed he might have a severed pancreas and urgently found him a bed at Kings College where he eventually had to be placed on life support. Any delay in getting him to Kings College might have been fatal. He is alive today because of your initial diligence. Considering this your present pain is also our pain.



Malachy Gleeson

Consultant Urologist

What has happened to David is a travesty of justice that shows that hindsight makes many situations in medicine seem different than they truly were. David Sellu is a kind,thoughtful,careful and extremely competent colorectal surgeon with whom I have had the pleasure to work for almost 20 years at the Clementine Churchill Hospital.On numerous occasions we cared for patients both as outpatients and jointly operated on complex cases.This experience put me in a position to truly know his expertise and as a result I chose David as my preferred surgeon on two occasions when I needed surgery.It is so sad that someone’s career should be judged by such an injustice that can only be explained by an incompetent defence team.



John Leigh


This is a complete travesty of justice.



Kay Larkin

Head of Nursing Paediatircs


We miss you dearly and are deeply saddened about what has happened.

Whenever we had a child under your care on the unit, you made it a point to be available to come up and see parents and explain what was happening. Time was never and issue and the patient came first. It was a pleasure working with you and the team always felt they could call on Mr Sellu if they were concerned about a patient.

We contiue to support any action to clear your name and getting you home to your family. Catherine has my full support during this very difficult time and I am there for her when she needs a shoulder.
Thinking of you daily and keep strong- there will be good times again in your life and hold onto that thought




Pearse Stokes

Surgeons who COMMAND respect are ten-a-penny. Those who EARN respect, like David Sellu, are a rare-enough breed.

It was always with pleasure that I watched him care for and about his patients. He stood head-and-shoulders above his colleagues, and was the surgeon of choice if ever I was asked my opinion.

This was some twenty years ago, in a tertiary-care hospital in the Middle East. As a paramedical staff member I dealt with patients in many departments under the care of many surgeons, so I am in a position to know what I am talking about.

Seeing how David’s career had continued to blossom, and the other comments here in his support, I can see that he continued in the same patient-centred manner.

I am glad that I am not alone in thinking that something seems wrong about this case. The phrase “hanging out to dry” comes to mind.



Mr. Ramy Fahmy

Senior Registrar in Surgery

I know Mr David Sellu from when I was doing a registrar post in breast and general surgery at Ealing hospital in 2009. I used to work with him during my on calls and sometimes in clinics and he was one of the best surgeons who I have ever worked with. He is an excellent surgeon with excellent outcomes. Everyone liked him, his patients, Colleagues and trainee. He is very polite, very supportive and very honest. This opinion is shared by all those who know him I found what happened to him very unfair and I can not see any justice in putting the blame on Mr. Sellu for the death of this patient and ignore the negligence of others involved in the care of this patient. It is vital to reopen the case to serve justice for a man who served his community and patients for more than 20 years



Helen Beardsell

locum GP



Karen Anstiss (formally Pink/Wray)

When I first heard the outcome of this I was completely stunned and still find it unbelievable. Whatever lead to this tragic death is not the responsibility of one man and would most definitely not be the result of any intentional desire to cause harm. I have known David for many years having had the pleasure of working with him first in the early 80’s. He was always conscientious and caring and certainly someone I would have complete faith in to treat myself or loved ones. In addition he was the most helpful and approachable senior doctor I have ever worked with. It is appalling that David is in prison, there is no justification for this in my eyes.
Thinking of you David, Catherine and family



Sonya Jey


Seems unjust
I don’t know Mr Sellu in person however letters from him regarding my patients reflect the workings of a thorough and competent Surgeon. My colleagues, who know him in person, as a professional, feel saddened and shocked at the verdict.
I wish him the best and hope justice will prevail.



Dr Mayur Nanavati


I dont know you Mr Sellu, but I am saddenned by the course of events that led to your wrongful imprisonment.
As clinicians who manage patients with complex health issues and an ever increasing workload, it could easily have been one of us in your place.
I do hope that the immense support generated here and elsewhere leads our union the BMA to take up your case and request a judicial review
best wishes
M Nanavati



Alison Rackham


This is a tragedy.


Andleeb Ahmed

locum gp

this man had an unblemished career-this is atrocious behaviour and injust.


Shamel El-hayani


Sad loosing any life, shocking verdict



maxine hogarth

Consultant Rheumatologist

David is an excellent and highly respected colleague. In my opinion he is one of the best surgeons I have worked with and he was always readily available to give advise and discuss patients. I fully support him and his family and would appeal for clemency and his transfer to an open prison


surinder gill


Mr Sellu was our local colorectal surgeon and I referred many patients to him over the years.He is a competent doctor, and was dedicated and well liked by patients



Dr S. O. Ali


I have known Dr. David Sellu for nearly 20 years of my working career in medicine and I found him to be honest hardworking and truthful to his patients. As a GP when ever I wanted him and his expert opinion for any of my surgical patients he would oblige without delay and ring me at any time be it 7:00 pm whilst I was still working in my surgery.

I have known him to be one of the nicest consultants throughout my general practice career and what ever has been said about him is very untrue and not in his character. He is a very caring surgeon and person and I would trust my life in his more then capable hands at any time.

I feel very saddened to hear that such a dedicated surgeon is in prison for the chain of events that were not his fault & not in his control and eventual death of a patient.

It is a big loss to the medical profession in North West London to lose such an asset and to see a senior consultant treated in such a way.


Jane Chegwin-Price


David Sellu is one of the best Surgeons I have ever worked with. He was kind not only to his patients but to all Nursing staff.
Always a Gentleman, always totally professional . I am saddened that this has happened to him and give him my love and best wishes.


dr sangeeta rathor

He does not deserve what has happened to him. He is a very good consultant and doctor. I feel its a shame that he is being treated so unfairly and harshly.


Bhav Gami

Core surgical trainee

I was a junior doctor at Ealing and know that Mr Sellu is a very kind, caring and extremely talented surgeon.

If eminent surgeons, like Mr Sellu are being victimized for such alleged events”, what hope do new emerging surgeons have in trying to protect themselves from events like this in the future?

Keep strong and keep fighting Mr Sellu.



Heather Marlow

After being fortunate enough to have Mr David Sellu look after myself and daughter, I cannot understand how such a wonderful person can be blamed for the death of this man. While my sympathy goes out to his family, and I understand that they were looking for someone to blame, surely there must be a wider view taken. There was a chain of people involved not just one person.

During the time I was in hospital, all of the staff and medical team spoke very highly of Mr.Sellu. They all said that he was the best person to have. In fact he saved my life.

To think that Mr.Sellu is unable to help others is travesty of justice. He should be freed and his good name restored.

If there is anything I can do to help Please let me know.

mary wheildon

practice nurse

I wholeheartedly support all the sentiments expressed on the website.
I worked with David many years ago in Intensive Care at Ealing Hospital .
He was a competent surgeon extremely conscientious and very hard working.
He was also a gentleman.
As a nurse now working in general practise the surgery has referred many patients to him over the years and they all hold him in such high esteem.
This is a total travesty of juctice and I strongly recommend that the justice system should review this case as soon as possible.
Thinking of David and his family at this very difficult time.

mary lynch

Chris and Sue Harwood


I am very shocked to hear this . I have always found David one of the most honest and conscientious people I know.

Naomi and Lyneth


We worked with Mr Sellu for several years. We found him to be a popular request
amongst patients. He was approachable and good at his job with patients saying he saved their lives. Indeed one of us put our mother’s life in his capable hands and was treated with the utmost respect and exceptional care.

margaret moroney

retired nurse

Dear David,

I am deeply saddened by the terrible way you have been treated!
I will always remember you as an excellent, kind, caring Doctor.
Hope will soon be exonerated and back with Catherine and your family.

Dr Teresa Wozniak

GP Acton

Dr Andrew Weber

Senior Partner GP principal

I have known David professionally since 1980 and have always considered him effeicient, a good doctor, safe and hardworking. I have referred to him on the NHS and privately with excellent patient feedback regarding his dedication, thorougness, approachable disposition, and his professionalism.
Knowing his background I cannot believe this verdict although I am unfamiliar with the case. This must be a travesty of justice of the worst type.

You have my support and backing


Dr. Claude Seimon


I do not know Mr.Sellu personally, nor do I know anything of the circumstances by which he finds himself in prison.

What I DO KNOW is that I have sent all my patients with colorectal problems to him at Ealing hospital for the last 20yrs. In that time I have NEVER had a single patient report back any negative comment with regards to the care they received. This is very RARE nowadays and I feel devastated for those who will now miss out on the highest quality care that he gave. The thought of him languishing in prison fills me with sorrow….”There but for the grace of God go I”.

naeem qureshi


Kisha Moore

Cons, Emergency Medicine

My thoughts are with you,a gentle man and a gentleman. I cannot imagine this travail and I hope it is over soon.

Christine Workman

Retired Medical Secretary

I was secretary to a colleague of David Sellu’s at Ealing Hospital for 10 years. I got to know David quite well during that time. He was a well liked and much respected Consultant Surgeon. Whilst I was working at Ealing Hospital David removed my husband’s gall bladder.

Both my husband and I have every confidence in David as a surgeon. He has been victimised over what was a tragic outcome of surgery, and he should never have been tried, let alone sent to prison.

David Sellu has been made a scapegoat, and steps should be taken urgently to achieve his immediate release from prison.

S.M.A Perera

I pledge my support wholeheartedly. I worked with Mr Sellu and I know he is a brilliant surgeon kind and caring human being. An absolute gentleman . Iam shocked and disgusted with this whole situ.  I hope and pray Mr Sellu will be released soon with his brilliant reputation restored. Please stay strong Mr Sellu. Iam praying every day several times a day for your quick release .

Dr Manjit Dhinsa

GP- salaried

It is always saddening when a patient dies, and as a doctor we always try to reflect on what went wrong, and what could have been done differently. Mr Sellu has always been a caring doctor, and I was saddened to hear the case was sent to trial and that he was jailed. I have great respect for him. He is a colleague who by all accounts has been kind and caring to his patients in a long career. We as a medical profession should have responded more strongly to what happened in his case. I am pleased that this website has been set up. My thoughts are with Mr Sellu and his family.

Sobhna Shah

Assistant Practice Manager

I don’t think he should be in prison.

The patient in question must have been seen by other clinicians before Prof: Sellu took over the care and got the blame.

Lesley Foote

Practice Business Manager

Shocking news. How can a person trying to do the best he can to save somebody’s life be treated in such an inhumane way?

Jacqueline Bayer

General Practitioner

I have referred patients to Mr Sellu for > 20 years and never had cause for concern or been dissatisfied with the care he has provided. Many patients have requested a referral to him personally through personal recommendation and subsequently have expressed their respect for the surgery he has performed and his caring manner when they have consulted with him.
I have always regarded him as a competent, caring surgeon providing a service in Ealing often under challenging circumstances.
Along with my colleagues I feel that criminalising a doctor with such a long unblemished record by a prison sentence is inappropriate and pledge support to clear his name.

Evelyn Henry

I’ve known David for 20 years, he is an absolutely gentle gentleman and a wonderful surgeon. On two separate occasions one in the private system and one in the NHS he operated on my son, by my choice. On both occasions he was chosen because I know he is totally professional and highly skilled having worked with him as a nurse.
I feel devastated for David and his family, and this pledge comes from the other side of the globe such is our support.
I hope and pray that David will soon be back home with his family.

Dr Amarpal Maan


I have been working as a GP in Ealing since 2001 and have found Mr Sellu has provided excellent care for my patients with no negative feedback received to myself.

I am sorry to hear of the difficult circumstances he is currently enduring and pledge my support as a local GP for a review of his situation.

Dr Simon Valentine


It is hard to reconcile the court’s findings with the man that I know. I have worked for over 23 years as a GP in Ealing. I have over that time met and much more often discussed clinical cases with Mr David Sellu. He has always been incredibly interested, helpful and supportive. My patients that I have referred to him over the years both on the NHS and privately have found him to be kind, considerate and conscientious. Definitely one of the good guys, I would have no hesitation in entrusting any member of my own family in to his exceptional care. It seems totally wrong that he has received a custodial sentence.
David my very best wishes to you and your family.


General Practitioner

In the the past I have tried contacting Dr David Sellu with regards to my patient’s care and he has responded very quickly and answered my quries and arranged urgent endoscopy for my patient for whom I was worried about.
I have a great respect for this surgeon.

Dr K Sahota


Jo Cheung


I have had feedback from both patients and colleagues about their experiences of Mr Sellu and they are unfailingly positive. His reputation as a surgeon is very good and what has happened to him is worrying and incomprehensible.



Mr David Sellu treated many of my patients and all of them spoke very highly of his professional and clinical skills. He was very supportive and always helped us when called upon. He had excellent working ethics and relationships to an extent that we could talk to him on his personal mobile to take advice, discuss patients and plan management. He was very caring and approachable person who was always willing to listen and help.
I am deeply saddened by the events and the outcome of the events. I feel distressed. i have been in contact by post with David, he is feeling the effects, I wish him the best.

Harsimrat Sandhu

Finance Manager

Manjit Kundi

Practice Manager

I send you my thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

dr gouri dhillon


Dear David and family I have known you many years and am deeply upset to by the course of events for you . Whilst I am deeply sorry for the family and the patient I must pledge support for a colleague like you who has given a lifetime of service to patients . .This appears to be a travesty .
I hope you get to read this . best wishes Gouri

Thelma Thomas

Local GP

I have worked in Ealing for 30 years. During this time I have referred many patients to Mr Sellu and I have heard no complaints or negative comments about his work. I was very surprised to hear about this case and the sentence imposed. It seems extremely unlikely to me that this was in any way a reasonable response to whatever occurred.

Dr Richard Naish

Senior GP

David Sellu was one of the best hospital consultants working in the Ealing area.
His work was second to none. The patients were all treated superbly with excellent outcomes.
I cannot believe the devastation caused to him by this absolute miscarriage and will gladly support any action to have it overturned
The NHS, Ealing patients and the whole service has lost out to this.
Shockingly dreadful
I will give any support to help him and thank you for bringing this to wider attention
Ric Naish

DR Dorothy Campbell


He is an excellent doctor and surgeon.
he has treated many of my patients who have been dealt with professsionally and competently.
I do not feel he should be in jail.
Good Luck.

Christina Green

Health visitor

I have known David since the 1970s when we both worked at West Middlesex Hospital. He was registrar and I was a staff nurse, he was held in the highest regard by all the medical and nursing teams and his patients. As nurses he always took our opinions into account when discussing patient care. I can well remember him staying up all night with a sick patient who was causing everyone concern, years later when our paths crossed again at Ealing hospital he remembered that patient. This is an example of his care and depth of feeling for his patients. I can honestly say David sellu is the surgeon I would want for myself or my family should the need arise.
I find it difficult to believe what has happened to him, and would speak out in support of him at any time.
My thoughts are with David, Catherine and their family.

Dr Imran Said

Sessional & Urgent Care General Practitioner and Network Clinical Lead

Christina Lucas


Dr Obatusin


It was horrified when i heard the news regarding Mr Sellu and my sympathies go to him and his family.
I sympathise with the patient’s family as well as they have lost a loved one.


Medical Secretary - retired

I knew David Sellu for the ten years that I worked at Ealing Hospital. He is a kind, compassionate and dedicated surgeon, and when my husband needed to have his gall bladder removed I had no hesitation in asking David to carry out the surgery. He has my ongoing support and confidence.

It is a tragedy that he has been sent to prison, and this situation needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

David – Roy and I are thinking of you.

Ashraf Botros

General Practitioner

I have known Mr Sellu as a colleague for over 10 years. He is a good surgeon and has a nice personality. My patients were happy with his clinical judgment and management. I have full confidence in him and happy to refer patients to him in the future once he is back to work.

hemant patel


Dear David,
It was a great shock to discover what had happened to you and although this was several months ago , I still think about it today.

Whilst I hope your legal team are fighting to get you out , I hope that you will be able to take every day as it comes and not get too dejected. Think about your wonderful wife and family and the things that you will do when you are free.

Hemant Patel

su roy


Dr Nishali Patel

GP in Ealing

I was so sorry to hear of this awful news. I feel it is completely unfair and unjust.
Having worked at Ealing hospital from 2008-2010 and currently working in General Practice in Ealing I have heard nothing but praise about Mr Sellu and his capability as a surgeon. All his colleagues and all my patients have praised his work. He is a kind and compassionate doctor and I feel this is just so sad.
I have been reading more and more about his case and I just feel it is completely wrong to be sentenced and sent to jail for man slaughter. Mr Sellu is an excellent surgeon and I feel this is a big and sad loss to the medical world.
My thoughts are with you and your family.


Paul Herbert

Acting Consultant Surgeon

I worked with and for david sellu for one year and found him to be a meticulous supportive, careful and kind man and surgeon. I support this campaign wholeheartedly

Paul herbert

Acting consultant surgeon Hammersmith ho

Dr Ravi Ramanathan

GP partner

I am a Gp at Gordon House Surgery – I have refered numerous patients to Mr Sellu .The patients speak very highly of Mr Sellu’s skill as a surgeon and his kindness and compassion as a human being.Many patients have benefited from his surgical skills and they are shocked by the way he has been treated over this episode.He treated his NHS and private patients alike and was always happy to give advice

I wish Mr Sellu and his family strength through this diffucult time .

Robert McLaren

GP Partner

As a GP in West Ealing many of my patients have spontaneously talked highly of Mr Sellu. Coincidentally to discovering this site yet another patient of mine told me,today, in shock and disbelief about Mr Sellu’s case. Whilst I never had the privilege of meeting Mr Sellu my patients have described him as kind, thoughtful, generous, dedicated, completely trustworthy and human.

Michael Beverly

Consultant Orthopaedics

A travesty of justice has taken place.
We should encourage David to appeal/fight this unjustified sentance. There but for the grace of God goes any one of us. The system that gives us rsponsibility should provide the facilities and back up to perform.

Siobhan Stapleton


I don’t know Mr Sellu personally but I know his name from 20 years of working in area & feedback form staff & patients is universally positive

nicoletta Baroni

General Practitioner

Dear Mr Sellu , I am a GP in Hanwell . I have heard wonderful things about you from many patiet that you have treated in the past . They all miss you and support you . I wish to express my support to you and your family .
God bless you .

Ozius Mahere

Mr Sellu has been such a gentleman and an excellent professional since I met him from 2008. I miss him as a colleague and also as a fellow human being. My thoughts and heart goes to you, Mr Sellu and your family. I pray that I will meet up with you again and talk about many good times. I also pray that your professional expertise could be made of good use by all juniors who are coming up in the surgical field.

carol sears

nurse practitioner

Dear DR Sellu

i just heard about your dreadful predicament and i send you my thoughts and prayers for you and your family during this time .
best wishes


Ann and john curtis

Ex patients

Wrongly convicted very severely punished he has been made a scape goat in our view.

Tania Strickland


I was a junior anaesthetist at Ealing some years ago. I always remember the competition to be able to get onto Mr Sellu’s list! Not only an excellent surgeon but a caring and compassionate man. I would never hesitate in recommending him as a doctor to anyone.

I hope this can all be resolved as soon as possible and you are able to return home to your wonderful family as soon as possible. You do not deserve to be away from them.

Natasha Shabajee

GP Salary

I pledge my full support and am appalled at how one doctor can be singled out in a patients death.
I fail to understand how a verdict of manslaughter can be given. It defies belief.
I have worked in the same hospital with Mr Sellu at Ealing and can vouch he is a compassionate and humane surgeon and clinician.

This is a travesty and I hope that it is rectified as soon as possible.
Dr Shabajee

Dr Paul Reynolds

GP Partner

I have been a GP partner in Hanwell for the past 15 years and have referred many patients to David Sellu both on the NHS and to his private practice at Clementine Churchill Hospital over that time. I always found him to be very meticulous and thorough in his approach and felt totally confident in referring our patients to him and in his ability as a surgeon. Whilst I do not know all the ins and outs of this case I feel tremendously sorry that an esteemed colleague should find himself subjected to a prison sentance in this way.

Teresa James

Paediatric Health Care Assistant

To a real kind and caring man ,I worked for 10 years with. This is such a tragic thing to happen, you have been made a scapegoat and I hope and pray they will free you soon as you should be with your family and friends, and working. Take care

prasanth reddy


what a travesty of justice.
i was always under the impression that jail was meant for criminals -hence i am questioning the fairness of the system we have if it treats a man with 40 years of wonderful service as a scapegoat in this way.
David- our thoughts are with you and your family and i hope this terrible ordeal is resolved soon.

Charlotte Mendes da Costa


You have my support. Your reputation is as a kind, caring and meticulous surgeon.

Raj krishna


I have always known him as a conscientious doctor and always willing to help and teach. He has also been a gentleman with his patients as well.
Some of my patients who have been under his care have always praised him and his excellent surgical skills and communication

Dr Vic Sivanesan


Having worked at Ealing, I always noted the respect with which you treated your colleagues and patients as well as the professionalism in which you practiced. Having referred to you in the past, your decisions were always prompt and in keeping with best practice.
Now in General Practice, I have only ever had good feedback about your and correspondence from you.

Dr Roopal Dave

Salaried GP

Dear Mr Sellu,
You have my suport and sympathy. Please have courage and you come through this a stronger and better person. I used to refer patients to you over the years at Ealing Hospital and they always had only good words about you.

Dr Roopal Dave

dr janina szyszko

GP Principal Chiswick ,

What a tragic situation for a highly competent, experienced, respected local surgeon.
Mr Sellu, please accept our best wishes on behalf of our practice and the patients you have helped us look after over the years .

nina szyszko
GP Principal
Dr Bhatt & Dr Szyszko
Chiswick Family Practice

Mrs Hanifa Qureshi

practice manager

Mr Sellu has treated dozens of patients in our surgery, I was treated by him my self he is very caring and professional surgeon, I always recommended him to every one who asked, I would even now ask him to operate on my family member. When I heard about this case I was devastated how can they blame him and not the hospital that did not had very good reputation for post surgery care?
Mr Sellu had been made an scape goat. I strongly support Mr Sellu he should be realeased and his charges should be dropped

Pawan Gill

Practice Manager

James Horwood

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Leena Ali


Nothing has changed our views.We still think you are a fantastic surgeon.
Hope this comes to an end soon.
Take care.
Best Wishes

Anjana Sethurajan


Patients at my practice who have been under the care of Mr Sellu have only words of profound thanks, respect and admiration for this consultant – that speaks volumes.
There are no justifiable answers in this case, only unsettling and frightening questions for our profession and society.
I hope that the truth and conviction of all our messages give Mr Sellu and his family the strength to ride through this ordeal.

Sarb Kaler


Others who knew you better than I have expressed in words my sentiments.You always treated myself and the patients that I referred to you in the most professional manner

Peter Royle

Senior Operating Department Practitioner

Having spent most of my working life in the hospital environment I can honestly say that David Sellu has been treated so unjustly by our legal system. The truth is known by all who have worked alongside this wonderful man. He is one of the kindest and most sincere dedicated surgeon that I have had the honour to work with. How can our system do this it is so unfair, unjust and unsafe. We as a country can only feel shame and distress that one of our kindest and brightest lights can be treated so low

Eamonn Rabie


Savitri Perera

This highly skilled, competent & caring surgeon should never have been subjected to this kind of treatment . There are others in that hospital who are guilty and they should be brought to justice. I pledge my whole hearted support.

Dr Louise Irvine


I will do what I can to publicise this cause because I think the conviction and imprisonment of Mr Sellu was unjust.

Andrew Goodhart


David looked after my late wife and myself. He was a real gentleman and a wonderful and caring surgeon. I hope that this miscarriage of justice can be swiftly resolved.

Yolande Saunders

Family friend and colleague

David is a highly skilled and compassionate doctor who has given 40 years of service with an unblemished record. He has lost his dignity and his freedom. This is a tragic situation for all concerned.

Dee Cooper

Day case Emergency Sister

.As an Accident and Emergency Sister, I have known and worked with David on a regular basis over the past thirty years. David is one of the most reliable, caring and hardworking Consultants I encountered over this time.It is dreadful that a patient has died, and he is entitled to justice. Every good wish

Rosannah Dawood

National Event Manager

As a family friend of the Sellu family, last years verdict left us utterly devastated. The trial was grossly unjust and misleading, David was simply used a scapegoat to cover up an entire catalogue of errors that lead to the death of the patient. It is so wrong that a man of his intelligence, commitment and capability should be treated in the way that he has, with little or no regard for the consequences of his imprisonment. His family have temporarily lost a father and husband, and the world has lost a splendid surgeon. David has lost his career and without a doubt, his faith is the justice system of a country that he has served and saved thousands of lives of in his 40 year career. We will always support and believe in you David. X

Dr. M. Akbar Khan


I support David Sellu.

SMA Perera

Shocked and devastated. I have worked with him and I know he is a caring and highly skilled surgeon. I know for sure that his name will be cleared of this incorrect verdict. This clearly is miscarriage of justice.

Dr Eva Clemente


Ian Bernstein


Dear David, You may remember that you operated on my wife, who had an incarcerated paraumbilical hernia. You gave us both comfort and support when we rang you. You gave us such excellent care and attention. We will never forget the good you have done.
With our best wishes
Ian and Tracey Bernstein

Russell Evans

Duty Nurse Manager

I have known David Sellu since 2000 when I started work at Ealing Hospital .He has an excellent reputation within the Hospital amongst fellow Surgeons and Physicians , both senior and junior and is known to be an amazing tutor to trainee Medics.He is a man who professionally has always been hard working and diligent and is the epitome of a surgeon I would want to operate on myself if I needed Colo-Rectal surgery as I have had .
He is known for going that extra mile for his patients and frequently came into the Hospital at anytime of the night ,or stayed very late if one of his patients is sick in the Emergency Department or in theatre or one of the wards.He has always listened to nurses and and earnt their gratitude. I know Surgical Registrars were always pleased to know Mr Sellu was on call .
He is also in the old fashioned sense a gentleman ,he has always struck me as kind and understated and sensitive someone without any guile or cunning which I suspect is what has led to this travesty of justice and personal tradgedy.
It is still beyond belief what has happened to David Sellu and our Hospital is poorer for the lack of his presence .
I feel for all of us that have had a brilliant colleague taken away but most of all I feel wretched and sad for David and his lovely family .

Jeremy Gittins

GP and Programme Director

Sending an excellent, conscientious and caring surgeon to prison serves no purpose. David has provided an excellent service to the patients from my practice over the last 20 years. This patient’s loss of life is tragic and could have been avoided if a series of errors had not occurred within a large organisation. It is totally unfair to single out one man to blame and my thoughts are with David and his family.

Tom Rosenbaum

Consultant Urological Surgeon

We have worked together for over almost 20 years both in the NHS and in the private sector, sometimes in extremely complex cases. I know your surgical skills, experience, reflexion and judgement and value them very highly. I therefore find your present situation incomprehensible and I do not know what else to do or to say; my heart goes out for you and for your family.
This is a “game changer” in our profession which could have happened to any of us. We must all now reflect and learn from it and try to understand what society now expects and wants from us.
In the meantime I shall continue campaigning on you behalf and to maintain the highest standard of medical practice.

David Sparksman


Dear Dr Sellu

I was so sorry to hear of what has happened. I can only thank you for all your guidance, leadership and counsel in what must have been a very difficult time for yourself


David Sparksman

Mr Hemant Sheth

Consultant UGI & laparoscopic Surgeon

I have known Mr Sellu for more than 2 1/2 years . He is a great colleague and a very conscientious and diligent surgeon who looked after his patients well. He was a extremely supportive colleague who was always available at all times for advise and help and a great opinion. He is a perfect gentleman and it is appalling that he is blamed as the sole person responsible for the unfortunate outcome in a complex case. As surgeons we always strive to do the best for our patients and often in extremely challenging personal opinion is in this particular case a individual surgeon is blamed and punished for system failures which led to the unfortunate outcome in one particular case. I extend my wholehearted support to David and his family in these difficult circumstances. I just want to say he is still our respected colleague who is missed at work everyday.

Denis Labastide

Such an injustice to an excellent surgeon. From what I know of the case it’s clear that there was system failures within the organisation and David was made a scape goat of and wrongly accused and sentenced.
What has happened to the other professionals that were involved in the patients treatment? Why were they not made accountable for their actions. By sentencing David Sellu lives will be lost without his expertise in our hospital. reading the comments on this site it’s clear to see the high esteem we all have for this surgeon of excellence. This is such a travisty and miscarriage of justice and should be reversed. David this will be a testing few months for you stay strong it’s clear you have a strong field and wonderful family behind you. One day the truth will come out to clear your name.

Michelle Cheetham

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

David you likely won’t remember me but I worked at Ealing hospital with Catherine from 2007-2011. I was absolutely horrified by the events that unfolded whilst I was there, and I cannot begin to imagine what you and your family have been through. I had left Ealing by the time this was all settled, and I heard the outcome as I drove to work. I had to pull over as I couldn’t see the road for tears.
Please keep you spirits up, and I do hope that we meet again soon.


Marilou Santiago

Senior Staff Nurse

I have worked with Mr.Sellu for almost ten years at Endoscopy Ealing Hospital. For all these years I have always looked up to him as he is a very caring and compassionate Clinician. His knowledge and attention to details ensures that all his patients receives the best quality of care. He is not only thorough but also easy to work with and is always willing to discuss patient’s concerns with regards to their condition. Professionaly and ethically Mr. Sellu has proven himself a highly qualified and very respectable Clinician.

andrew scurr

consultant anaesthetist and intensive care specialist

I find it difficult to imagine a better colleague than David Sellu. A wonderful surgeon David always went the extra mile for his patients and is well loved and respected by them and their relatives. He was a sought after opinion and well respected teacher at all levels. He has always done everything to the highest standards and with the greatest kindness and care and diligence. We always knew that we could rely on his expertise in the intensive care unit and I much miss his wisdom and good judgement and advice. I fully hope this injustice will be corrected as soon as possible.

Ros Stewart


All the comments I have read simply echo my own thoughts and horror at what has happened to David, one of the most kind, warm and talented sugeons I have known. I regularly referred patients to him and would do so again without hesitation. I wholeheartedly support any attempts to repeal the sentence and restore his reputation.

Rachel Emerson

Staff nurse

I have worked with David Sellu in the Endoscpoy unit for many years . We miss his excellent work ! His care for the patients was exceptional and he is missed greatly . Past patients all ask after him and are very shocked at what happened . We hear many times ” I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Mr Sellu ! He saved my life ! ” During his endoscopy sessions he always found time to teach the medical students and nursing students alike . How many other lives could he have saved if this travesty had not occured ; a waste of exceptional talent .

ginu george

staff nurse

One of the best surgeons (doctors) I worked with in my nursing career. A great personality.



I have worked with David since 2003 at Ealing as well as Clementine and I have known Mr Sellu as an ITU Consultant when dealing with high risk patients.
David is well known to every one as a highly respected surgoen and person and he earned his respect beyond Ealing over the years and where ever I go as it happened its unbelievable .
This is the time to recognize DAVID as he deserves at the end of his career and where he should be.

Dr Imogen Measday

GP partner

Words are inadequate here to express the shock of this all. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

David Evans


Very sorry that this has happened to you.

Your care for my mother in 2012 at Ealing Hospital was exemplary

Pats Pathmarajah


I have known Mr Sellu for his reputation as a general and colorectal surgeon with enormous amount of vascular experience from 1997 while I was at the Hammersmith Hospital. I wanted to work with him for some time to improve my general and colorectal experience before the FRCS final exam. Although Mr Sellu didn’t know me then, he made me feel welcome and took me under his wings.

I have admired the respect Mr Sellu had from everybody in the hospital for his knowledge, wisdom, experience and the technical mastery. Mr Sellu has always been the surgeon the other specialists looked upon for advice and assistance when they were in difficulties.

I was also fascinated by his constructive approach when managing patients with complex problems.

Mr Sellu’s patients give him the utmost respect and I haven’t found a single patient of Mr Sellu who hasn’t been upset about the whole ordeal.

Mr Sellu is a committed teacher and enjoyed teaching and sharing his experience always.

Mr Sellu has always been my mentor and guided me through difficult times.
I will always respect him for his kindness, support, wisdom and unparalleled experience.

My family and I will remember you in our prayers always.

While I sympathise with the patient’s family at their loss, I think it is grossly unfair and unjust for a great man to sacrifice his impeccable carrier due to the series of institutional errors.

Mr Sellu we are eagerly awaiting your return!!!


Jo James

Lead Nurse

I really could not believe it when I heard that David Sellu had been convicted and put in prison. I worked with Mr Sellu when I was an Emergency Department Sister at Ealing Hospital. Apart from his excellent reputation; I experienced working with a skilled, humane and thoughtful surgeon who never let us or his patients down.
What a shame that the justice system has let him down so badly. I hope that his name is cleared – although for those of us who have worked with him there is no need because we know what kind of a surgeon and a person Mr Sellu is and we all know that it is a travesty that this has happened to him.



Margaret Lee

Specialist Nurse

Very sad news, I did not know Mr Sellu personally but he had an excellent reputation and my prayers go out to him and his family at this very difficult time. xxx

alberto martinez isla

Consultant Surgeon

I worked with David at Ealing Hospital since 1997 until I left in 2010.
He always was a caring doctor. He even operated on me.
Also he very often had to rescue other Doctors from trouble.
It is not fair what has happened to him. Certainly he does not deserve that.
He does not deserve to be in prison
I hope we can soon see him again.

David my very best wishes…

alberto isla

sarah rehana

Macmillan clinical nurse specialist

When I heard about this case against you Mr Sellu I can truely say I haven’t never been so shocked. The injustice against you is deeply saddening. I can honestly say that since meeting and working with you from 2000 I have never met a surgeon like you. You are the most dedicated and empathitic man I have ever met and I would trust you with my life and that of those whom I love.
You are a remarkable man who goes out of his way for his patients, I fondly remeber the 10am Sunday ward rounds every weekend with you, a rare event with many surgeons.
Stay strong and please know that we are always thinking of you and your family. We hope you will be home where you belong very soon if there is any justice in this world.

Carrie Phillips

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

I’m so sorry to hear about this, I met and knew you as both a colleague and patient. Your lovely, also a fantastic Dr, with an excellent bedside manner… I hope all works out well for you and your family. Xxx

Kamran Qurashi

Consultant Surgeon

It was February 2002, when I met with Mr Sellu, for the first time at Ealing Hospital, when I was looking for my first job in the NHS. He was kind to see me during his operating day, knowing that I was a overseas doctors asking for career advice. I have had met with some other UK consultant surgeons before for the same reason. But this was a totally different experience. A senior surgeon sitting with me explaining fine details of UK NHS system and patient care, it was an experience I could never forget. His kind and professional personality was and will be a role model for me.
When a patient dies, a precious life is lost, irrespective of the sickness or co morbidities surrounding that loss, we all as doctors do our best to save that life. In a NHS hospital, there would have been many healthcare professional involved in the care of a sick patient, in accordance with Royal Colleges and NHS London guidelines.
I have failed to understand why private health care providers are given rights to provide care for emergency patients when these organisations do not fulfill the required standards for emergency care provision. The more I study Mr Sellu’s case, I feel more nauseated that how an organisation has failed in providing care to an unwell patient and but has been successful in destroying a surgeon with more than 40 years of an exemplary career, who has trained many consultant surgeon. I have seen and met with patients, showing extreme gratitude to Mr Sellu for his help in their sickness and how dissatisfied they were with this outcome.
I want to share my sympathies with deceased patient’s family for their loss. But this unfortunate event happened because of failed system rather than an individual.
This surgeon has operated on many consultant surgeons, in addition to the patients without a fail.. I want to appeal to health department to see how private healthcare system has failed in providing standards of emergency surgery care so that we can avoid these unfortunate events in future.
Lastly I want to assure Mr Sellu’s family that this was an extremely unfair trail, I completely believe that Mr Sellu is a competent surgeon, dedicated teacher and a great person. It is not only me but many of my colleagues share same

Robert Taylor-Smith

Associate Specialist Energency Medicine

David this is a total travesty and miscarriage of justice.
You have always been an excellent surgeon snd colleague.
You have done nothing wrong and have been used appallingly by your erstwhile employers, in order I feel to cover their inadequacies in employing marginal junior staff.
You have my full support and sincere best wishes.
I hope the Home Secretary will see sense and grant the pardon you so fully deserve.
Best wishes now and always.
Rob T.S.

Tim Beresford

SMO Vascular, Endovascular and Transplant Surgery

Save us all from the ravages of poor judgement.

I do not know David but I wish him well.

Joanne Chambers

Clinical Manager

If this can hapen to Mr.Sellu it can happen to anyone of us.

In the 90s I worked alonside Mr Sellu as a staff nurse.I found him to be a very gentle,caring and considerate to the patients and to his colleagues.

Mr Sellu has also operated on me, as a patient I could not fault him.His kindness,expertise,and genuineness were always consistent.

There is a lot of tragedy in this sequence of events.

Sending Mr Sellu to jail is one of them,this is something that can be put right
those of you who can do something about it please persevere.

Colin Michie

Consultant Paediatrician

David has provided an excellent, caring and rapid service to children in the Department of Paediatrics in Ealing Hospital since my appointment in 1995. He cared deeply for the patients and the standard of delivery of their care. He worked late and without fuss to ensure they were well managed.

David helped my wife personally, without request, through a very challenging illness. He was professional, calm, helpful: an exemplar of surgical practice.

The process of his case represents, therefore, a series of challenging paradoxes. May I pledge my support to David.

Chris rothwell

I received the news when I was on holiday in November ,I felt at the time this was wrong, a man who had done such much good for others, should not have been treated this way, the passage of time hasn’t made me change my mind.

Peter Schnatterbeck

Consultant Radiologist

I have known David for some years now. He is not only a very good surgeon but also a caring and gentle man. In the often hectic and intense working environment of a hospital, his calm and friendly manner and clear talking was an example for us all. He has this quite comprehensive knowledge, just knows what he is talking about, but he never comes across as arrogant. I found, that he always put the care of his patients first. He really is someone I look up to.
Peter Schnatterbeck

Deborah Anderson

Dear Mr Sellu, you are a gentleman and greatly respected by your colleagues. My thoughts are with you. Just seeing the list of familiar names, both past and present, shows the support you have.

Kiki Sonidou


I met dr Sellu more than 4 years ago at Ealing Hospital.
He has looked after quite a few of my patients. The only thing a can remember of him is a very kind, lovely, polite gentleman!
He was adored by his patients and his doctors.
His students appreciated him the most!
Once I had to seek for his advice for my operation and he was so kind and caring I was impressed! I was left with the best impression!
I cannot believe, I was devastated to find out that our Dr Sellu had to go through that! It’s impossible to have shown negligenc
e! No way!
I hope justice will review holistically what a brilliant doctor and person he is and think how hard doctors work in this country!
When they need support nobody is there when they save lives daily!
Will be praying to go back to his family soon!

Elinor Beattie

Consultant Emergency Medicine

It was a pleasure to work with David at Ealing Hospital. He is an excellent surgeon who is caring and compassionate and would always put the needs of his patients first. In addition, he was an excellent teacher and mentor to others and a very supportive colleague. His conviction has horrified me and has lead me to question both our legal system and the healthcare systems in which we work. There is a wealth of academic literature which shows that adverse events are not due to single individuals, they are a result of many things including systems failures. It is important to right this injustice, both for David and his family and for all of us doing our best in an imperfect system.

Manny agbayani

Senior nurse practitioner

May the Lord strengthen you and your family at this difficult times. May god never leaves you alone. Will continue praying. God bless

Eleanor Belcher

Reired Consultant Anaesthetist

David and I were junior doctors together. He was always caring and competent. There are many people involved in the care of a patient. This patient was having a second procedure under a new surgeon and a new anasthetist. It is quite wring that a doctor is imprisoned for doing his / her job.

Sharon haynes

Ward administrator

Mr sellu saved my life with his expertise,his knowledge and skills. He then went on to do my further operations . He is one of the most professional kindest men i have ever met .

Philip Belcher

Retired Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Please circulate my letter which illustrates the awful way he was hung out to dry by commercial interests including the MPS

Jacqui Reilly

Respiratory CNS

I am so sorry that this has happened to you David, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Alasdair Dunleavy

I don’t know what is more distressing about this situation – the incarceration of a truly brilliant surgeon and an honourable man, or that the “great” British justice system could get it so very wrong. I feel sick to the core with anger. Somewhere in the bowels of the private hospital involved I hope there are people crippled with shame. Where was the anaesthetist? Where was the surgeon who performed the initial operation? Where were the nurses, the TEAM that are always necessary in any surgery?? If this is as low as the bar has been set, then why on earth would one consider medicine as a career – a slippery slope to a criminal record.
To lock Mr Sellu up is a disgrace. He is an asset to our society, not a threat!! I truly feel sorrow for the patient, and family – but equally for the injustice that has occurred here. No justice has been done! Private establishments have the luxury of a fat wallet to fob human beings off to protect their image – yet continue with no lessons learned and their scapegoat behind bars. Justice!? I feel pity for those under the employ of the hospital – many sleepless nights I imagine wondering who is next to be flung into the sacrificial path of blame for a blatant systems failure.
Please, put an end to this madness – re-enlist Mr Sellu to where he should be – an inspiration to all those in the medical field.

Stefano Andreani

Consultant Surgeon

I have been a registrar to David several years ago. He was extremely professional and caring towards patients and staff.
I can not believe of what happened to David.
David is not a criminal. He is a caring surgeon. I saw it with my on eyes for 6 months every day.

Phil Tozer

Surgical Registrar, former trainee to Mr Sellu

I worked for Mr Sellu for 6 months. He is perhaps the most concientious and dedicated surgeon I have ever worked for. I am amazed at this verdict and cannot describe my incredulity or dismay at the decision to enforce a custodial sentence on this man.

Dr Anthony Warren

Retired Consultant Psychiatrist

Michael Beverly

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Best wishes from Michael and Celia
We hope you can appeal against this miscarriage of justice.

Michael Beverly

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Johnny Swart

Consultant Physician

Having only worked with David for a short time at Ealing Hospital I was struck by the immense compassion and empathy he has for patients.

I’ve always found him extremely supportive and accomodating and his advice and management of patients were exemplory.

David – you are sorely missed and in our thoughts and prayers.

Professor Ronnie Lamont

Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

David joined me in theatre on a couple of occasions when a patient needed a combined procedure with a General Surgeon and Gynaecologist. He could not have been more accommodating and helpful. He was an absolute gentleman and a really caring individual. He was also a very skilled Surgeon.
There but for the grace of God go any of us.
It’s hard to believe that David with his excellent reputation and in the process of trying to help someone else should be individually destroyed and given a custodial sentence.
Surely this is an injustice and so the justice system should review this case.


MIdwife, Mother & wife

I find it difficult to understand how one man can be held responsible for what happened. The man’s care was a team effort so should there be more people in prison!!??
Another good reason why people should use the NHS and not private services

Veronika Kotkova


I wish that David is going to be back with his loving family very soon and also to go back to helping others as he has been doing his whole life….

This is a total mistake and David is truly missed in medical industry!!!!

Gurjinder Sandhu

Consultant Physician

As a junior Consultant Physician I have been dependent on David’s surgical opinion and help on several occasions. He was not only available at the end of the phone but I rapidly found he would be at the bedside when needed most.

Private institutions must have ethical accountability and not place this spiritual burden on one surgeon’s shoulders. This outcome makes me fear for the future of the medical profession.

Bob Soin

Consultant Surgeon

I met David in our work with Medical Student from the American University of the Caribbean. David was uniformly thought of as an excellent and caring trainer with insight and intelligence. He was highly regarded by other colleagues and would lead much of the discussion and decision making about the provision of surgical training.
From his colleagues (including my wife Susanne who works at Ealing) there was nothing other than excellent comment and respect.
I am saddened deeply by the terrible way David (and his family) have been treated. I think the RCS President Prof Williams was absolutely right in his article in the Bulletin of the RCS in calling for sense to prevail.

Our thoughts as ever are with you and your family
Bob, Susanne, Charlotte and Sophie

Stephen Ash

Dean of AUC School or Medicine

If there is one surgeon I would want to look after any one dear to me it would be David Sellu. He is a kind and skilled surgeon. I do not believe any crime was committed at all by David. What has happened to him is a travesty and a gross injustice.

Caroline Thompson


I had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Mr Sellu for approximately 15 years. He is a man of huge compassion and the kind of Consultant I would be more than happy to allow to operate on my child/mother etc.
What has happened to him and his family is something that I cannot reconcile and they are never far from my thoughts.

Linda murati

Charge Nurse

Dear Mr Sellu,
I haven’t got many words to say that would make things right. But all I can say is the truth. Mr Sellu you are an unbelievable doctor/ surgeon. I have worked alongside you in the past. You can only be described as the best doctor I have ever met. You are extremely kind, caring and friendly. With the best bed side manner around. You are always willing to help other, teach other student doctors ( at the highest standards) and do all this in a slow and careful pace. I have found it extremely hard to come to terms with the fact that you are where you are at present. You are the last doctor in the world I would have taught this would happen to. I really want you to know we are all here for you and always will. You are a remarkable man and will always be. I really hope you get out ASAP and put it all behind you and enjoy your life.
Thinking and praying for you always.
Love Linda Murati. Charge nurse 7 North.xxxx

Vicky Burrows

I have had the honour and privilege of working with Mr Sellu since 1997. Throughout this time I have always known him to be a man of honour and integrity as well as being very humble. He was ways a pleasure to work with and would not hesitate to share his extensive knowledge with anyone who was interested and would always take the time to go that extra mile for all of his patients.
He was always approachable and would take the time to listen to our concerns and worries on the wards.
A great man who inspired and encouraged me to follow my career path.
We are all still realing from these tragic events and miss him on a daily basis.
You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Christine Sharp

Mr Sellu always has been an excellent and talented surgeon who in no way deserves what has been done to him. I watched Mr Sellu take time to talk to scared patients and family members alike never once forgetting they were more than just their disease. I was so shocked when I heard what had happened and know in my heart and head that he was scapegoat. I offer my prayers and thoughts and whatever else I can to let people know that David Sellu is an innocent man who is not guilty of the crime of which he was convicted.


Senior Staff nurse

I worked with Mr Sellu for several years before this travesty was committed to say I was shocked at the verdict is an understatement. Mr Sellu is a caring man and wonderful doctor who always took time to remember that his patients were scared human beings and for that crime his reputation and career were ruined. This is a disgusting miscarriage of justice

Rayna James

I had the privilege of working as Mr Sellu’s medical secretary at Ealing Hospital from 2004 to 2012 and I am absolutely shocked by his conviction. He is a truly wonderful man whom I have a great deal of respect and admiration for. I owe him alot. Keep strong. Rayna

Paul Holmes

The admiration for David’s integrity and skills as a surgeon and the expressions of shock at his conviction from fellow health care professionals speak volumes about the travesty of justice he has suffered. The tragic loss of life in this case surely cannot be pinned to one member of a team that was co-responsible for the patient’s welfare. Nor can amends for this loss of life be made by inflicting retribution on a caring surgeon and his family. I hope that at the very least — the very least — the authorities will allow David to serve the remainder of his custodial sentence in an open prison. He is anything but a danger to society and hardly a flight risk. And, I hope that David will be exonerated.

Melanie Gonzales

Senior Nurse

In those years of working with Mr Sellu in our surgical ward, I have always known him to be caring and respectful of everyone regardless of their position. I respect how the family felt for their great loss. It is not something that can be easily accepted. I couldn’t imagine the grief they are going through.
But I know that Mr Sellu would have done his utmost best for his patients. In all those years of working with him, I’ve seen how he cared for his patients. He is selfless, humble, and full of heart and compassion.

susan tomkins

HCA surgical ward

Dear Mr Sellu i have had the privelidge to know you for many years now and looking after your patients post op i miss your presence on the ward as i know others do too .. i hope you are coping well under the circumstances and hopefully time will go very quickly and we see you again i cant express enough how shocked i was to learn about what had happened to you my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family … take care Mr Sellu and see you soon

Fiona Nugent

Mr Sellu, you are always in my thoughts & prayers. God bless you.
Love Fiona xxx

varsha. shah

Sister in Paediatrics

Lisa enoch

David has been used as a ‘scape goat’ to protect a private healthcare provider. Simple! Yet devastatingly tragic. David’s exemplary and unblemished career highlights this. Holding a single health professional to account is designed to cover up the operational failings of this hospital and to minimise financial loss. Patient’s care is delivered by a huge multi-disciplinary team not one person, it it’s multi factorial and complex. The patient had surgery on his knee! He only came under David’s care when he was referred…….. The hospital management and professional staff should be held accountable for this travesty. They have never been called to account or criticised for their failure in their duty of care, they stood by and let their colleague take the fall. The Justice system has gone mad to put David in prison, he is not a danger to society, private healthcare facilities are a danger to society with a profound lack of regard for their staff, policy and procedures.

My sympathies are also with the family any loss of life is devastating. They have not received a true outcome either, the judicial system has let them down too as well as the Sellu family .

Audrey Brown (Nee Harris)

It has been three decades since I worked with David Sellu but when I heard the news that he had been convicted of manslaughter, I knew, with absolute certainty, that this had to be an egregious miscarriage of justice. It is true that with the passage of time people do change, but as the other comments so clearly attest, Mr. Sellu has remained the consummate professional that I had the great privilege of working with all those years ago.
Of course I don’t need the affirmations of others to know that he is innocent – his heretofore unblemished record speaks for itself. Even as a young registrar, it was evident that Mr. Sellu was technically and intellectually gifted. My experience working with him was always positive, and, like many others, I was a witness to the countless lives he saved, and the gratitude he received with great humility from patients whose quality of life had been restored by his exceptional skills as a surgeon.
But, for me, what marked him as a surgeon par excellence were those additional qualities that are intrinsic to his very being: his profound empathy for patients, his accessibility even to the most junior member of the patient care team, and, above all, his professional integrity. Consequently, it comes as no surprise to me that Mr. Sellu has continued to provide a superlative level of service, and that his long career has been distinguished by excellence.
Thus, the facts of the case made against him just do not jibe with the scrupulous surgeon that Mr. Sellu’s supporters know him to be. As others have stated, the delivery of complex care involves a multitude of people, and I question the actions of his so-called team, and the Clementine Churchill management that so clearly offered him up as a ‘sacrificial lamb’

It is said that no good deed goes unpunished. David, your good deeds were many, and sadly this seems to be your only crime. There is little I can do from my exile in here in Arizona, but you can be sure that until your release, you will never be far from my thoughts, and always in my prayers. Stay strong!

Audrey Brown (nee Harris) ex ward sister, 7 North, Ealing Hospital

Angela Gopie

Had it not been for Dr. Sellu, I would not be alive today; he has given me a second life. I was very saddened on hearing of his sentence. I am forever grateful to him – a God sent surgeon blessed by the Almighty. He is a perfect gentleman whose work should not be left unrecognized. The voice of the people is the voice of God. My prayers and the prayers of my family are with him and his family. Dr. Sellu, be STRONG!

Geraldine Lynch

I truly believe that there has been a grave miscarriage in justice charging David with manslaughter. Consultants do not work in isolation but in partnership with the whole multi-disciplinary team. Each member of the team therefore has a duty of care to the patient and how one individual can be held accountable for the sequence of events that occurred is astounding. Unfortunately David appears to have been made a scapegoat in order for the private hospital to save face. David is an extremely hard working, kind and humble man who has always put the needs of his patients first. hopefully the truth will come out in the end and Davids excellent reputation and good name as a surgeon will be restored.

Peta Longstaff

Hello David and family Peta here
I am still reeling from how our professional bodies could have let this charge of manslaughetr stick and how the court could give you a jail sentence. Anything that can be done needs first and foremost to be done for you but its a test case for all doctors.
It is so unfair David and my heart goes out to you. I know you as a good and caring doctor.
Its an outrage

Sanjeev Mehta

When I think of David Sellu the words humble, caring, compassionate, hardworking and decent spring to mind. It is completely wrong that he has been made the scapegoat for what simply appears to be a systems failure. I really hope that common sense and justice prevail and fully support any measures to reduce his sentence or move him to an open prison.

DPS Baghla

This is travesty of justice that such a commited, humble, and supportive surgeon be labelled a criminal for a multi system failure! He will always be a inspirational model figure.


Anan Ghazy

Dr Alfa Sa’adu

David you are always in my prayers

Sheila Harris

I was extremely upset on hearing about such a brilliant, king and caring surgeon was sentenced and improsed wrongfully for a crime he did not commit. This brilliant surgeon has saved thousands of lives and deserves to be pardoned, honoured and thanked for all the 40 years of dedication in saving so many lives. personally he has always been there for me and my family. I am forever grateful to him for giving my sister a second life. Lots of people feel the same way. Please free this brilliant surgeon and allow him to return to his life helping others. The only crime he is guilty of is giving others who may not have lived a scecond life. I pray for him daily. Please, please free this innocent caring brilliant surgeon.

Dr Miranda Harvie

I worked with David from 2003 in the NHS, at his Trust where he was the senior surgeon. He was always a pleasure to work with and I never for a moment doubted his clinical expertise, commitment or dedication to the job. Subsequently I worked with him at the Clementine, where I witnessed the same level of professional expertise. His patients always spoke warmly of their experience with him, and I never came across anyone who doubted that he had their best interest at heart. I sat on the colorectal multidisciplinary team meeting each week in the NHS and saw how he worked as a team member, listening to others and advising when required. He was always an absolute gentleman and it has been an honour to work with him. I have been paralysed by this turn of events, quite dumbstruck how one of the best doctors I know, the first person I called when my own family needed surgical advice,could be slated and struck down in a single devastating blow with no consideration of all the vast good he has done in his many years as a surgeon. We need to find our voice, to speak on his behalf, not because he is one of our own but because this is so wrong. I do not pretend to know the details of this very sad case but I cannot believe that one person should take all the blame for what went wrong. This feels like a miscarriage of justice. David and Catherine – do not give up on this. We know you have been let down. Our belief in you has not changed David. This has changed medicine for us all. Who would want to be a surgeon now? Who would give their life as you have done for it to end like this? Please know that we hold you in our hearts.

Alexander Rodway

Total knee replacement is a major procedure that can incur major complications; the constant referral to this as a ‘minor, routine procedure’ is disingenuous.

Peritonitis arising from a diverticular perforation carries a mortality rate of at least 15% DESPITE intervention; it is hard to imagine how any actual or perceived delays in care could have killed this man – jailing a 67 year-old man for making a mistake is a travesty.

As this poor patient deteriorated, almost certainly more rapidly than usual, the ‘consultant surgeon’ seems to have been the only man left to blame.

It is understandable for the relatives of the deceased to want someone to blame but it is the duty of the judiciary to temper this desire for revenge.

I believe this is a very worrying precedent.

Therese Barrett

working alongside Mr David Sellu. He is a man held in the highest esteem by many of his colleagues and friends. He is an honourable, excellent, most professional, competent surgeon. What has happened to David and his family is a miscarriage of justice. David had been scapegoated by an organisation that clearly had internal system failure. Caring for patients is not the sole responsibility of one healthcare professional. David was failed by the system and surrounding team. He should not be held responsible for process that were not in place. Where were the nurses, surgical colleagues and the RMO? One should question why corporate manslaughter was not considered by the coroner in the first instance? Clearly this would not have happened in an NHS hospital. One highly professional surgeon should not be held responsible for system failure and inadequacies within the organisation. David is not a threat to society and should not be held responsible. He is a kind, caring man who tried to care for his patient. Regrettable a man died. David’s name must be cleared so this nightmare can end and he can return to his family. The conviction must be overturned as this case has wider implications for the surgical world. Private organisations should not be allowed to get away with scapegoating

Moira Laws

I can’t believe what I have just heard about you.. I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Moira

Vas and Jo Novelli

We believe 100% in David’s clinical integrity and whole heartedly support him. David is one of the kindest, politest and commited doctors that we have ever had dealings with, both as a colleague and friend.

Eddie Dunne

I no longer work in medication but from the 14 years as a nurse and indeed to present day there has always been one consultant that I completely admired – David Sellu. We’ll known as a Surgeon who delivered the highest standards of patient care in a competent, efficient and respectful manner. This gentleman has saved 1000’s of lives during his career. It is a disgrace the a man such as David Sellu has been treated in such a unjust & undignified manner.

Akkib Rafique

In all my interactions with David since I first met him in 2006, I have never known him to be anything less than polite, caring and totally commited to his patient’s care. The level of esteem and respect he has amongst his collegues is beyond compare and justly earned.

I am both shocked and appalled at the judicial decision to imprison David for manslaughter. The case was quite clearly a systems failure and it is very unjust that David has been made the scapegoat in this.

I wholeheartedly support the campaign to clear his name and at the very least move him to a category D establishment.

John Mercy

Having worked in health care for 33 years, at numerous hospitals and many different fields of nursing, I am appalled that Consultant Surgeon David Sellu has been treated this way. My heart goes out to the family of the poor patient and there is no denying it is a terrible tragedy but this treatment of David does not make it right. After many years working in the NHS, David was, and still is, one of only 2 surgeons I know that I would let near me with a scalpel. I cannot believe that in the multi-professional environment that one person has been singled out to take the blame and the whole scenario ‘smacks of David being made a scapegoat’. David has always been one of the most professional, competent and approachable surgeons that I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my years as a nurse and I question what happened to the other professionals involved in this tragic case? Where were the other doctors, Duty doctor/RMO and of course the registered nurses/ward sister, who also have a duty of care. What was their actions as this poor mans physical condition started to deteriorate?

David, if you get to read this we sincerely hope this nightmare will soon be over for you and the family. Although we are now in Spain, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you and Catherine. Regards John & Martyn x

Mary Dawood

As a Consultant Nurse who worked with David Sellu some years ago, I find it incomprehensible and utterly unjust that he has been found guilty of manslaughter and imprisoned. Apart from being the most courteous and gentlest of individuals, David is a consummate professional and highly skilled surgeon who always put his patients first. As a nurse in charge of a busy Emergency Department I had many occasions to be grateful and relieved when he was on duty as I knew the patients would be safe and their well being would be his priority. He was thorough and kind and would always come and see his patients if you expressed the slightest concern which is one of the reasons staff needing surgery would always ask for Mr Sellu .
When things go wrong in healthcare it is rarely, if ever the fault of one individual but a chain of errors and system failures, so, why is nobody else being called to account here? What about corporate responsibility? The death of this patient is regrettable and a tragedy for the family but apportioning blame and condemning a fine surgeon who has a hitherto unblemished record is a travesty of justice and a double tragedy for all those patients he could have been treating over the past three years. Imprisoning David and treating him as though he is a danger to the public is not only harsh, humiliating and ridiculous it is also a disgraceful waste of tax payers’ money. There are no winners in this sad situation and there are potentially very worrying implications for surgeons.. This case needs urgent review now and David,s excellent reputation restored without further delay

Matt Dunckley

As a senior trainee in surgery, I feel it is imperative that this travesty is reversed or the very future of surgery in the UK will be under threat. David Sellu exemplified all that surgical trainees should aspire to: putting patients first, dedication to high quality care, and a commitment to using our skills to save lives, while humbly recognising that life itself is in hands higher than our own. I hope, like David, to be able to fight for the lives of very sick patients without the fear of jail, should my efforts be in vain. We must never be under the illusion that a systems failure has been addressed just because an individual has taken the rap.

Avirat Vaishnav

David was a colleague when he worked in Oman for many years. I saw him at work, both with his patients and in the operating room. I have met very few like him who are both kind and capable.
He was highly respected by all his colleagues and was always regarded as an excellent teacher. His students remember him to this day and he has personally hosted these students and placed them in electives when they came to the UK.
A complete family man.
No-one here can imagine David being negligent in any capacity whatsoever.

Anushila Guhathakurta

Jane Bickmore-Jaffer

Dear David, we are thinking of you at this difficult time. i pray that you will be released soon. Lots of love Jane Jaffer

Samantha Tross

David Sellu has been made to singlehandedly pay for a series of systematic errors leading to the unfortunate death of a patient. The sentence he is currently serving is harsh and unjust. Whilst loss of life should be taken seriously and investigated to prevent future errors, I find it hard to understand how the fault has been attributable solely to David. Also as he is no threat to anyone, I fail to understand why he should be imprisoned.
At work David Sellu was professional, meticulous, empathetic and conscientious with care of his patients. His conduct was exemplary and he was held in high regard by his colleagues, medical staff and patients. When I joined Ealing hospital in 2005 I learned of the man described above by his reputation. However I quickly saw those traits for myself and was so impressed by him that I chose him to perform life saving surgery on my mother who had advanced bowel cancer. Thankfully she is still alive and that is mainly due to David, to whom both she and I will forever be indebted.
Based on the facts of the case of which I am aware, reported behaviour is out of keeping with the way I have seen David manage cases that we were both involved in or in the care of my mother.
Since David’s sentencing and imprisonment I have been told repeatedly by patients and nurses how distraught and disappointed they were of the sentence and they all had similar stories to mine. It is impossible that we are all mistaken about this man who I continue to respect and hold in high regard and will fight for justice in his name. This is not the way his glowing career should end!

Matt Dunckley

As a senior trainee in surgery, I feel it is imperative that this travesty is reversed or the very future of surgery in the UK will be under threat. David Sellu exemplified all that surgical trainees should aspire to: putting patients first, dedication to high quality care, and a commitment to using our skills to save lives, while humbly recognising that life itself is in hands higher than our own. I hope, like David, to be able to fight for the lives of very sick patients without the fear of jail, should my efforts be in vain. We must never be under the illusion that a systems failure has been addressed just because an individual has taken the rap.

Norrita Labastide

Totally unjust and unfair decision to convict David for this mans death. Whilst I empathise with the family who have lost a love one it’s even harder to see what David and his family have had to endure and continue to suffer since the outcome of the case.
How can the criminal justice system support this decision where David has been isolated by an organisation and convicted of manslaughter? How can this be allowed to happen? Together we need to inform the public what David did do to save this mans life rather than what he didn’t do……..!!!
We need David back where he belongs that’s with his family and back in our hospital doing what he does best saving lives.
David be strong eventually you will clear your name and those of us that know you will never loose the love and respect we have for you. You have always been a professional and charismatic gentleman no one can take this from you.

Louise Catlin

Horrible and unjust for one of the nicest surgeons I have ever met. He operated on a member of my family and the care he gave was out of this world.

Naz Pambakian

The more I discover about this tragic case, the clearer it is that there has been a tremendous miscarriage of justice. Without taking away from the grief of the family who lost a much loved man, imprisoning this doctor who has dedicated his life to the service of others is not the solution. Justice has not been served here because David Sellu has paid the price vicariously for the failing of the whole team.

abhay chopada

I had worked alongside david since 2003. I can truly say that I have not seen any surgeon more committed to his patients and work. He remains a role model even today. The sequence of events which lead to his current condition are in my opinion a clear system failure which has unfairly blamed on an individual.
Surgeons are always making decisions based on what they feel is appropriate at that time though on occasions the decisions might appear inadequate in hindsight. A whole team of healthcare professionals are involved in patient care to safeguard the patient. How is it then fair that a poor outcome then becomes an individuals fault.
This decision has clearly been perceived as blatantly unfair and unjust by most of the surgical community I have interacted with. If surgeons loose confidence in making difficult decisions due to such decisions , patient care in the long run will only get worse due to such poor judicial decisions.

Sylvie Flais

All those working with David Sellu could only see what an exceptional human being he was.

George Geroulakos

It has been a great privilege to be a patient and colleague to David Sellu whom I have known over the last 15 years. He is a charismatic surgeon, an excellent teacher and a highly skilled clinician with an impeccable record which cannot be judged on the basis of a single patient who unfortunately we

Mr George Geroulakos

Laura Watts

Prof Saroj Das

While patients interest comes first we have no right to destroy somebody’s life just as we wish. David Sellu is not Harold Shipman nor is he Jimmy Saville. This is not justice.

Christine Catlin

As an ex colleague and an patient of David I so totally support any action that can be take to right this incredible wrong.

Arabinda Pal

David is a superb surgeon and an excellent colleague.
I have often interacted with him and needed his help as a gastroenterologist.
He was never found wanting.
We are all saddened by this event and pray continuously for him and his family.

Miriam Harris

We must fight this. This is a hideous event for David and his family and we must ensure that he is exonerated and it does not happen again.

Ralph Schafer

I fully support David who I know and admire in a professional capacity as well as a friend.
I have known David for many years and he is without doubt one of the leading and most caring surgeons in the UK.
The example executed only reflects scapegoatism on behalf of a hospital that cannot stand up for itself and needs to shift guilt to the innocent party.
David, I am fully behind you! At any time!

Hayley Carty

Lynda Plaistow

J-M Lavillard

another example of wrong justice. Keep strong !

Martyn Yorke

This whole event smacks of a ‘scape goat’ incident to protect a private healthcare provider and it’s shareholders To me, it appears that the action of holding a single health professional to account is designed to distance the operational failings of this hospital minimise any financial loss. I was under the impression that a patient’s care is provided by a multi-disciplinary team, headed by a consultant, who in turn is reliant upon the ‘on the ground’ expertise and professionalism of other disciplines in the team. David could not have been present the whole time this poor patient was ill and was reliant upon members of the team on site during the event. Shame on the hospital management and professional staff on the ground at the time who have clearly closed rank and have never been called to account or criticised for their failure in their duty of care. I retired from nursing in 2007 after 33 years in the profession, latterly as Executive Director of Nursing at Ealing Hospital where David also worked. I know first hand of David’s dedication to patient care and competence in managing complex cases. I am at a loss as to why he has been ‘singled’ out in this way; I thought the whole process of improving patient care outcomes is through a combination of good clinical governance and risk management, and to learn from any adverse event. To achieve this, a ‘blame’ culture is not conducive. You will forgive me therefore if I have a problem with the concept of throwing the consultant in jail to satisfy those that clearly ‘wanted blood’, but this action does little to avoid a possible recurrence at this private hospital. Shame on those responsible.

Rev’d Steve Morris

I am right behind David, who is a wonderful man.

Catherine and Taha

Always thinking of you and stay strong.

Paul Shapira

I owe David Sellu my life. When an asymptomatic, dormant duodenal ulcer perforated following an anterior resection of the lower bowel, David came back to hospital even though he was not on call. He later told me that he thought I had less than 50% chance of surviving surgery and, without his skill, I am sure that I would have died on the table.
Over a period of four years, he had to perform four major operations to eradicate particularly tenacious colon cancer. He was always caring, thoughtful and kind. Of the many consultants I saw during this time he was the most careful and analytical in considering his therapeutic strategy and always happy to explain his ideas meticulously. He considered that the doctor patient relationship was to work together and depended on mutual trust and understanding. I find it incomprehensible that he would have behaved in any significantly different way to any patient.
I am happy to support him in any way which can alleviate the nightmare he is currently living.

Margaret Sytanford

I am furious at this COMPLETE travisty of Justice.
It makes an utter mockery of our judicial system, that a man who has spent his entire career of 40 plus years, dedicated to, and succeeding in, saving his surgical patient’s lives.
Why has a kind, gentle, caring man been put behind bars when he is absolutely NO threat to the public safety. In fact, as a result of this travisty, numerous patients will not have been saved by his surgical skills from the devastation of bowel cancer. How can that possibly be of any benefit to the public?
David is, or was, a first class surgeon, devoting himself to the safe treatment of all his patients.
As proof of this, I chose David to operate on my son’s inguinal hernia. A mother can do no greater thing than entrust her child into the hands of a surgeon (and his anaesthetist). Thus is the proof of my belief in David Sellu – as a surgeon, as a human being and as a trusted colleague of 40 plus years standing.
I too am a doctor, an anaesthetist, who has worked with and alongside David over the last 40 plus years.
Never once, have I ever had any cause to doubt his dedication and competence.

I feel very strongly that it was the systems in place at the Clementine Churchill Hospital, at the time of this tragedy, that let this patient down.
Sadly David was singled out and not supported at all by the hospital where this extremely unfortunate and regrettable death occurred.

As a sign of my support for David, I no longer work at this hospital, after many happy years there (since the early 1980s) working with wonderful colleagues (on the wards and in the operating department). Only today, I have gone in especially to say my final, very sad Goodbyes and Thank Yous to all the wonderful staff working at the coal face in that hospital. All of whom, without fail, are devastated by what has happened to David.

He was, and still is, held in great esteem by all who worked closely with him.

Loretta mulligan

David Sellu is one if the nicest, kindest and most humble of men I have ever met. He would never harm anyone, would always help you if he could and sees good in all. It’s a travesty that he is locked up and a massive loss for his patients. I hope the powers that be are listening to all of his supporters and he gets his freedom back which he so deserves.

Gillian Rae

A true gentleman always polite and very professional cannot quite believe what has happened!

Hugh Mather

Your website puts the case very well. I cannot believe the perverse sequence of events which have led to David being incarcerated in jail, and I am very angry about it. I worked closely as a consultant colleague with David for about 20 years and had never any doubts about his skill as a surgeon, and he is one of the most decent and honourable men I have ever met. I don’t understand why the entire medical profession hasn’t raised its voice to question this appalling miscarriage of justice. Thank you for setting up this website.

Ian Franklin

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

David Sellu has joined a historic group of individuals who have been unjustly convicted. If every surgeon in the UK was treated like David we would all have prison records.

Simon Payne

Together we will win for David

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