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The wider impact of the Sellu case on Medical practice and the Law
Manslaughter and Healthcare website
Gross negligence manslaughter and the healthcare professional

RCS Bulletin Volume: 98 Issue: 2, February 2016, pp. 60-62

Author:  Dr Jenny Vaughan
All doctors kill people and the threat of prosecution is bad for everyone

New Statesman 1913 - 2018 7/12/16

Author:  Phil Whitaker

Poor, bad and truly atrocious - Directing the Jury on Gross Negligence Manslaughter

Author:  Adrian Darbishire

The Justice Gap, 2016,11

The aftermath of the Sellu case for law and the medical profession

RCS The Bulletin -Volume: 100 Issue: 5, July 2018, pp. 207-209

Author:  Peter McDonald, Jenny Vaughan

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