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5 February 2020

Royal Society of Medicine

Talk to the Forensic Neuroscience Group 2020

The Medicine, the Law and Expert Witnesses

2 February 2020

Birmingham Surgical Symposium

9 December 2019

State of the Art Conference, Intensive Care Society

Society of Anaesthetists, Birmingham

Patient Safety

The programme- Click HERE

Some excerpts-Click HERE

29 November 2019

Guest Speaker to the Nuffield Health MAC chairs meeting

Bloomsbury Hotel, London

Did He Save Lives?

28 November 2019

Podcast with Drs Suba and Amile in their Life After the Letters series

Topic: Finding Justice Amongst Injustice Click HERE

15 November 2019

Percival Potts Orthopaedic Club, Barbican, London

47th Annual Scientific Meeting

As Guest Speaker, David was honoured to deliver the Hugh Phillips memorial Lecture

Background to the event - Click HERE

14 November 2019 pm

Sussex Consultants’ Association, Brighton

David was one of the guest speakers at the annual meeting

14 November 2019 am

Symposium on Surgery and the Law, organised by the Colleges of Surgeons in Newcastle

Programme and conference report -Click HERE

2 November 2019 pm


COBA guest speaker  (David's old high school association)

2 November 2019 am

Woburn Hotel, Milton Keynes

Presentation to the Ramsay Healthcare Organisation

Annual meeting of senior doctors

24 October 2019

Black History Month, Chase Farm Hospital

Background to this event- Click HERE

David gave a presentation at this meeting on the way the law is applied disproportionately to black and ethnic minority healthcare workers.

21 October 2019

Glasgow Surgical Forum, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

25 September 2019

Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeons (AUGIS), Liverpool

Guest Speaker

President’s Message -Click HERE
The Programme - Click HERE

18 September 2019

Book Signing at St Marks Hospital Click HERE

Launch of David's book  - by Whitefox Publishing -Click HERE

4 September 2019

Interview with Dr Raj Persaud, Consultant Psychiatrist

Raj Persaud in Conversation – the Podcasts  - Click HERE

11 July 2019

With Bill Padley – Talk Radio Europe

10 July 2019

Annual meeting of London Consultants’ Association (LCA)

Athenaeum, Pall Mall, London

Influential Speakers’ Series

"Do the Law and Regulation make patients safe?"
Programme  - Click HERE

Conference report - Click HERE

2 July 2019

Patient Safety Congress, Manchester

26 June 2019

Guardian Podcast with Anushka Asthana  - Click HERE


25 June 2019

Manchester Evening News

"Tragedy of the scapegoat surgeon who saved dozens of lives... then ended up behind bars with murderers in Britain's toughest prison" – by Dan Thompson  - Click HERE

24 June 2019

Interview with Sky TV

20 June 2019

BBC Northwest in Manchester

17 June 2019

Royal Society of Medicine Venous Forum

The programme - Click HERE

29 May 2019

BBC Interview with Sophia Amara Elahi - Click HERE

16 June 2019

Interview with the Observer Newspaper

"They look for a scapegoat: A surgeon’s battle to clear his name" By Joanna Moorhead  -Click HERE

11 April 2019

Presentation to Court of Examiners,

Royal College of Surgeons of England at Royal College of General Practitioners

14 March 2019

Medical Defence Union, 13 Chancery Lane, Holborn, London WC2A 1PL – The relevance of David' experience for medical defence organisations

19 December 2018

Reception and award for Jenny Vaughan, BMA House -Click HERE

30 November 2018

Oxford Surgical Society (OSS), St Catherine’s College

20 November 2018

Launch of Doctors’ Association UK in Westminster Click HERE

9 November 2018

West Midlands Surgical Society - Click HERE

26 October 2018

When Things Go Wrong: Consent, Manslaughter and (Gross) Negligence – Royal Society of Medicine, London

The programme - Click HERE

Summary of the meeting  - Click HERE

11 August 2018

BAPIO conference, Bedford - Click HERE

11 July 2018

BMA – Race Equality in Medicine - Click HERE

27th June 2018

BAUS 2018 Annual Meeting

Programme - Click HERE

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